Horizon Evolve Treadmill Review

Horizon Evolve Treadmill; compact model for portable exercise. Read expert and consumer reviews with pictures and videos, before you buy a portable Horizon Evolve SG compact treadmill.

Horizon EvolveHorizon Evolve

With the compact design, simple fold and store construction, Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill is built for users looking for a light exercise such as walking and easy jogging, and those who are having a limited space in their homes.

With a Horizon Evolve treadmill you can have your cardio workout in any room, and lightweight body of 117 pounds allows an easy setup, tear down and storage under the bed or inside the closet.

Horizon Evolve Treadmill - Features and specs

Horizon Evolve consoleHorizon Evolve console

Buy Horizon Evolve Treadmill if looking for the portable and compact exercise machine with the modern and attractive look. As most of the portable treadmills you can use this machine right from the box; it doesn't require almost any assembly.

With the size of 59 x 23 x 48", 10" thin when fold down and 99 lb Evolve SG model is slightly smaller and lighter than LifeSpan TR200, making it more portable and movable.

Treadmill console features two workout programs; manual and weight loss, and with the simple console controls you have an option to track, modify and maintain your exercise schedule.

LCD display is very simple and it shows time, speed, distance and calories.

Horizon Evolve portable treadmill features a 1.5 continuous duty HP motor that drives a 17x45" belt with the maximum of 6 miles per hour speed, which is less than the LifeSpan TR200.

Evolve SG model is designed mainly for recreational walking or light jogging, for novice walkers, seniors, but not runners, professionals, and where the maximum weight doesn't exceed 250 pounds.

If you require more intense workout with the power incline, you will not find it on Horizon Evolve SG model.

Audio adapter is included so you can plug in MP3 or CD player. Heart rate monitor is provided through the thumb hear rate button.

You can buy Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill for approximately $500 on Amazon.com and manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty on a frame and 5 on motor.

User reviews

Horizon Evolve Treadmill is rated 4 of maximum 5 on Amazon.com, based on over 60 reviews.

Watch Horizon Evolve compact treadmill reviews on the YouTube (see below) and visit manufacturer website for more info and the manual: www.horizonfitness.com.


  • Lighter than the competitor's treadmills.
  • The treadmill is compact and sturdy.
  • Small footprint and doesn't occupy too much space.
  • No assembly required.
  • It runs quiet and smooth.


  • Doesn't offer power incline.
  • It offers fewer exercise programs than LifeSpan TR200.
  • Horizon Evolve SG makes the loud screeching noise when used on the carpet. It is recommended to use a pad under the treadmill.
  • Before the first use, you should lubricate the running deck, tighten and align the belt.
  • The belt tends slightly to move sideways while using it. It is also hard to center the belt.
  • The belt speed is very slow.
  • Some users find the heart rate monitor useless or with the problems. They recommend a separate monitor.
  • While it has sturdy wheels, they are tiny, and they do not swivel. It will take you a lot of room and effort to swing it around and get it in place.
  • The built-in speakers don't provide a good sound quality.


Horizon is part of the Johnson Health Tech., the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world and with the most sophisticated manufacturing facility in the industry. Horizon Evolve Treadmill is the economy model that offers basic features for walking or occasional light jogging, for people who want to move it around often and save some home space.

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