Hoover Steam Cleaners Review

Reviewing Hoover steam cleaners, including handheld models and steam mops. Find the top features of the best-selling Hoover portable steam cleaners.

Portable steam cleaners and steam cleaning in general have become very important nowadays, due to the fact that we are all doing our best to keep our houses as clean as possible. Not all of us like doing this, but we, nevertheless, know that the best way of cleaning with steam is by using portable steam cleaners that are small, compact and easy to use. Therefore, here will be given a review of some of the best Hoover steam cleaners available to you.

Hoover Canister Steam Cleaner - WH20300

Hoover Canister Steam Cleaner - WH20300Hoover Canister Steam Cleaner - WH20300

The Hoover Canister Steam Cleaner WH20300 is definitely one of the best Hoover steam cleaners on the market if its features are taken into consideration. It will provide you with two separate tanks, one with clear water and the other with the cleaning solution, so you may choose to clean a surface using either only steam or steam and the disinfecting solution. With its extension wand with hose, you will be able easily to clean the floors and hard to reach high corners.

When it comes to customer reviews, almost every review of this steam cleaning unit is good. Users generally like that it is compact, thus provides easy access to higher places in your house. Also, the fact that this steam cleaner comes with a number of different attachments only adds the overall experience of using it to clean an array of various surfaces.

Hoover Steam Mop - WH20200

Hoover Steam Mop - WH20200Hoover Steam Mop - WH20200

Instead of using regular mops, go for Hoover steam cleaners, and not just any of them – go for the Hoover Steam Mop WH20200. It has all the features of the Hoover Canister Steam Cleaner mentioned above, including the clean control dial, which will enable you to choose the amount of steam, a triangle-shaped nozzle to get to those areas you couldn't otherwise reach and an indicator to tell you when the water has turned into steam – so you won’t have to guess. However, this Hoover Steam Mop WH20200 is lighter than the above model, which makes it more practical in many occasions.

Users are most commonly satisfied with this steam cleaning unit, reporting that it is simple and fast to assemble out of the box, easy to use and compact. Also, a great thing related to this particular steam mop, that almost every user commented on is the carpet slider attachment. Even though you might think that the Hoover Steam Mop is not the best solution for your carpets, it can actually help your carpets stay clean and fresh for longer, giving you a chance to save some money on carpet cleaning.

Hoover Handheld Steam Cleaner - WH20100

Hoover Handheld Steam Cleaner - WH20100Hoover WH20100

Besides the two Hoover portable steam cleaners reviewed above, there is also the handheld model of this practical steam cleaner. It is very good for smaller areas, and for areas where you cannot go with the standard Hoover models.

The Hoover Handheld Steam Cleaner WH20100 is a great solution for you if you need a small and portable steam cleaner, and all the other canister steam cleaners available seem too big.

This handheld steam cleaner will provide you with high steam temperatures; it comes with a large number of attachments; it is very easy to use and store as it is compact and portable. However, it is important to note that this unit is not made for cleaning floors. Although this is logical enough, many people fail to realize this before actually buying the unit. Therefore, go for the regular Hoover steam cleaner if you need to clean your floors.


The three steam cleaners reviewed above are considered to be the best from Hoover steam cleaners on the market today. They are all portable, however the best choice for someone who needs to take the cleaner around very often would probably be either the Hoover Steam Mop or the handheld unit, as they are small, compact and can be carried around more easily than the canister steam cleaner. Therefore, if you need a steam cleaning unit read this review carefully and choose one of the portable steam cleaners mentioned here.

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