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The importance of a generator is always felt when there are unscheduled power outages either due to natural calamities or some other maintenance work. This is where the need for a portable generator is felt the most; and the fact that they are portable means they can be used literally anywhere. Check out how Honda portable generators can come to the rescue.

Honda and its features

Honda, of course is well known for its automobiles, motorcycles (Honda has been the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world for almost 60 years), scooters and many other things. Why is Honda so well-known and regarded– because of their engines. This excellence now shines through in the Honda portable generators, and can be found especially in the models EU3000, EM4000 and the EM5000.

Perhaps the best thing about them is that they are all similarly priced. The EU3000 is priced at $2,330; the EM4000 at $2,250; and the EM5000 at $2,430. Because there is no significant difference in price, you can choose the features and benefits that are most suited to you, without having to worry about the cost. They also all provide an electric start to the things that you need powered, and are covered by a three-year residential and commercial warranty. Even if you live in Chicago, Boston or other parts of the North America and places infamous for its long winter power outages--that is a lot of winters. In everything else, though, there are differences.

Honda EU3000iSHonda EU3000iS

The first difference in these Honda portable generators is revealed in the names or model numbers themselves. The EU3000 has an input of 3,000 watts, with an unspecified output. The EM4000 has an input of 4,000 watts with an output of 5,000 watts for 10 seconds to start or restart the larger equipment. And the EM5000 has an input of 5,000 watts with an output of 7,000 watts for 10 seconds. 

Honda EM4000SHonda EM4000S

The differing power capacities are reflected in the differing fuel efficiency. The EU3000 can run up to 20 hours on 3.4 gallons of gas; the EM4000, up to 16 hours on its 6.2 gallon container; and the EM5000 up to 11.2 hours on its 6.2 gallon tank. If you live in the colder regions then these limits should suffice in most cases.

Honda EM5000SHonda EM5000S

The differing power capacities are the result of the engines themselves. Both the EM4000 and the EM5000 incorporate Honda’s powerful IGX commercial engine. The engine for the EU3000 is not named, but the engine is described as being very quiet. This can be advantageous if you do live in a city and do not want to keep your neighbors up throughout the night. It operates at no more than 58 decibels, while the other two operate at about 72 decibels.

Although all of them can power your refrigerator, microwave, television, furnace and other things, they specialize in other things, as can be inferred from their power outputs. The EU3000 incorporates inverter technology which means that it is quite appropriate and safe for powering computers and other equipment that are power-sensitive. The EM4000 can power anything from a coffee maker to a garage door. The EM5000 can do the same, but can do it for more equipment at the same time.


Again, cost is not a factor in purchasing any of these Honda portable generators as it is virtually the same for all three models. What is different is the power output. Because your needs can be different from ours and because each of these Honda portable generators addresses a different need, it is impossible to make a recommendation. We can only say that we do like the EU3000 for its sensitivity to computers, and that the EM4000 should suffice for most homes and small businesses. If you live on a farm or have a warehouse then you may need the power of the EM5000.

Regardless of which you choose, you cannot go wrong with Honda.

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