Honda 2000i Generator Review

Honda 2000i Generator expert and user reviews with pictures and video. Honda inverter generator benefits and top features for the emergency power blackouts.

Honda eu2000i generator is a small but powerful generator. It is known as the super quiet unit, perfect at home, RV or camping, in a case of an emergency and where power is not available. According to the website EU2000i model is the best selling Honda generator inverter.

Honda eu2000iHonda eu2000i

Features and specifications

Honda 2000 generator is the gas powered generator that is coming from the prestige Japanese company well known in building cars, motorcycles and electronics.


Honda generator eu2000i is a small and lightweight (only 46.3 lbs.) inverter generator, designed to power electrical devices sensitive to the voltage spikes, such as computers, DVD players, TVs, and small home appliances - fridge, AC, small heaters... as long as the total Amps is below 16.7. Maximum wattage it can provide is 2000 watts while rated power is 1600 watts.

OHC engine with Eco-Throttle

This portable Honda inverter is equipped with the 4-stroke, 98.5cc OHC air cooled engine, and with the single tank of gasoline (0.95 gallons), run continuously for 15 hours, at 25% load or 4 hours at the rated 1600 watts load. This is possible thanks to the Honda's Eco-Throttle feature.

Eco-Throttle system incorporates great engineering, so it automatically adjusts the engine speed based on the usage load, for better fuel economy, lower operating noise and exhaust emissions levels.

Oil Alert Warning System

When the oil level is low the engine stops immediately. This is a safety feature. An Oil Alert Warning System is what helps prevent engine damage if the oil reaches the lower level and becomes unsafe.

Reliable power and low noise level

Eu2000i CompanionEu2000i Companion

At the rated load, generator is pretty quiet, the noise level is in a range from 53 to 59 dB. And not only that. Thanks to the inverter technology, it delivers clean and reliable power.

This is great for electronics that are working on steady power and to charge 12-volt automotive type batteries. If you need more power you don't have to buy a larger unit, Honda 2000i generator has an option to combine two models to increase the wattage to the maximum of 4000 watts.

This model is known as eu2000i Companion, and it offers one 30A outlet for RV applications and to run two identical 2000i models in parallel, through the generator outlets.

Camo exteriorCamo exterior

Honda generator eu2000i is also available with the Camo exterior, ideal for outdoor adventures such as hunting and camping.

Honda eu2000i generator sells for approximately $1150 ($1280 for Companion model and $1400 for Camo model) and are backed by the three-year warranty.

User reviews


  • Small, compact and lightweight - perfect for RV owners, tailgating or camping.
  • Powerful enough to run the main home appliances, and gentle on sensitive electronics.
  • Extremely quiet.
  • It has three models available, with Camo exterior, with 30A and DC outlet.
  • Easy to start with the recoil starter pull.
  • Honda 2000i generator is durable and it can operate for long hours.
  • With the Eco throttle features generator saves a lot of gas. If you run a small electric unit it will use less gas than if using all the generator power.
  • A neat safety feature that shuts down the inverter if you run low on oil.


  • Expensive.
  • During the cold weather, you have to pull the starter few times to run the generator smoothly.
  • Honda 2000i generator doesn't have the fuel gage.
  • Honda has control buttons scattered on two sides, while Yamaha has a simpler control panel with all the plugs and buttons on one.
  • No carb fuel shut off, which allows you to run the fuel system dry for storage. It exists on the main competitor Yamaha EF2000iS.
  • Hard to remove the fuel - no carb drain. Oil changes can be messy.

Check out Honda's presentation to see how the noise level is very low here.


Honda 2000i generator is top of the line portable generator inverter, recommended by many users. It is not only small and lightweight, but users like how it performs, the efficiency and the most praised very low noise level.

This Honda inverter generator is perfect for tailgating, RV, camping and hunting, with Camo model, or running your AC when combined with the identical model. As said by one of the users this is a truly top notch generator.

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