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Hitachi C10RB Features Review

hitachi table saw c10rb model for portable useHitachi Table Saw C10RB

The most popular Hitachi table saw is the model C10RB. Hitachi C10RB is the 10 inch table saw that was design as the portable tool; it can be used as the bench-top type saw or mounted on the foldable stand.

Hitachi portable table saw weighs around 150 pounds and thanks to its portable design, C10RB is not hard to move and transport from jobsite to jobsite. It is advertised as the professional tool, used by contractors and DIY hobbyists for home improvement projects. According to many online reviews, it is not recommended as the cabinet making saw.

Foldable design

The foldable metal stand is strong enough to support the base of the machine and its legs are adjustable for better stability when it is used on the uneven or rough ground. Standard accessories can be easily and securely moved inside the saw's storage capacity which makes the transport much more convenient.


This Hitachi table saw also features a powerful 15-Amp direct drive universal motor that produces 4000 RPM. Maximum developed power of 4.4 HP is sufficient enough for tough ripping and cutting jobs. Keep in mind that the ripping requires the use of the rip fence.


Hitachi table saw is versatile; it can perform a variety of cuts such as dado cut using dado blade insert (maximum width of the cut is 13/16"), miter cut, crosscut, bevel, compound and freehand cut.

Simple installation and use

The 10" blade is factory installed so you can use Hitachi C10RB right out of the box. Arbor lock features allow you easily and fast to install or uninstall the blade, by using a single wrench.

The blade height and bevel are simply adjusted with the handwheel and the lock knob, conveniently located on the front of the table saw. There are two methods for tilting the saw blade; one is a rapid and the other fine adjustment blade tilting.

Reliable and accurate cutting

Hitachi table saw is not only powerful; it provides a decent precision, reliability and consistency. This is achievable with the stable self-aligning metal rip fence and strong miter gauge.

The table top has a decent size of 30-5/32 x 21 3/4 inches, and it is made of the tough but light aluminum, where the telescoping extension adds 24-1/2" in length to the right, which is great for supporting longer parts. Rip capacity on the left is 10".

Easy cleanining

Use the vacuum port found at the rear end of the table saw to plug the shop vacuum and prevent sawdust buildup inside the housing, and clean up the working area after your wood cutting job is done.

High safety

Other features that are also important for the efficient and safe cutting and ripping operation are the overload protection with a reset switch, blade tilt and table scale, anti-kickback pawls and splitter to keep the workpiece spread apart after being cut.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Before you buy a Hitachi table saw read through the reviews below, where you will see the most common complaints and positive comments left by the saw machine users:


  • Hitachi table saw has a portable construction; you can fold it up and take it down in two minutes.
  • With 30x20" it provides a small footprint.
  • With the lightweight construction it is easy to transport.
  • Some users found Hitachi table saw easy to set up with some simple adjustments.
  • The blade is easy to install.
  • The base is made tough and sturdy.
  • The telescoping fence is quite strong, and it allows 24" capacity.


  • Handle on the miter gauge hits the blade guard when you tilt the blade to 45 degrees.
  • It is not recommended for projects like cabinet and furniture making where the accuracy is important. It is fine for small jobs such as flooring.
  • There are some complaints that the miter gauge is loose so it doesn't provide reliable cut precision. It is also hard to find the appropriate aftermarket miter gauge as it is not using the standard 3/4" slot, but 5/8".
  • Needs some adjustment (i.e. the saw blade was not parallel to the fence), cannot be used right out of the box.
  • Due to its lightweight design, C10RB has the tendency to move back when ripping long parts.
  • Each time you use the miter gauge you have to square it to the saw blade.
  • C10RB saw does not have a soft start; it starts with a loud bang and a jump.
  • It is time consuming to get the splitter straight to the blade.
  • The throat plate is not flush relative to the table surface so measuring the dado depths is hard.
  • Factory installed saw blade is lower level quality.

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C10RB table saw is made by the well known Japanese and world manufacturer of the professional tools, Hitachi. Hitachi offers a five year limited warranty on this portable table saw, which sells for approximately $450.

Based on dozen professional and user reviews, Hitachi table saw is an average saw that can be mainly used for jobs where the accuracy is not an imperative. If looking for the portable entrance tool for basic woodcutting this is the one.

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