Hennessy Hammock Review

Hennessy hammock expert review with pictures and videos. Explore Hennesy hammocks, models, features, pros and cons.

Invented by Tom Hennessy in the 1950's, and on the market since 1999, Hennesy hammocks with its versatile and lightweight design, became very popular among outdoor lovers. They are known as the first hammocks in the world that have the entrance, a patented closure, at the bottom.

Hennessy hammocks are designed for one person only, while two people can use one hammock as long as they feel comfortable and do not exceed the weight limit.

Hennessy hammock features

It is very easy to enter or exit the hammock through the patented closure, installed at the bottom of the Hennessy hammock. You will simply stick your head into the opening, sit down and lay back. This feature is especially beneficial when entering the hammock as it provides a great balance.

Once inside, there will be a pressure from your body weight on the opening making the entrance closed behind you. Velcro tape is added to make the opening sealed and zipper unnecessary. During the night, when sleeping, or when away from you hammock, the overlapping closure also prevents bugs from getting inside.

Hennesy, as other hammock manufacturers, such as Clark and ENO, is using notipping design, patented Never-Tip system, which provides great stability when entering or laying inside the hammock.

Hennessy hammocks are using a patent-pending asymmetrical shape for the ultimate comfort by providing more space for your legs and shoulders, but without making the hammock wider. This is done by positioning the hammock anchor points to the right height so it can provide better feeling.

Mosquito netting keeps the insects and other bugs from entering the hammock and material structure allows necessary ventilation during the hot, humid nights.

To protect yourself from rain, use the waterproof rain-fly that can be positioned to any angle. It attaches to a clip at each end of the hammock and has two guy lines that can be secured to rocks, roots... And if don't need the rain fly, roll it up or remove.

This hammock is also perfect as the survival tent. The material used for Hennessy hammock is water and wind proof. Hennessy hammock can be used in the areas with the hot and humid climate, where it rains a lot, Amazon rainforest... and you will feel dry and secured with no mosquitoes, bugs and poisonous spiders crawling while you are sleeping.

Hanging a hammock on the tree can be done by using the suspending ropes and webbing straps which are gentle on trees and allow greater span.

Other useful features, found on Hennessy hammocks are the small pockets for storage, glove hooks for the light and carabiner loops for water bottles.

Hennessy hammock models

Hennesey hammocks are available in a variety of sizes, colors and weight capacity. All Henessey hammocks include mosquito netting, detachable rain fly, strong support ropes with tree huggers, single layered body except double layered Deep Jungle model, and some of them camouflage.

Here are the most popular models:

Expedition Asym hammocks

Expedition AsymExpedition Asym

Expedition Asym hammocks are designed with the original Hennessy patented closure at the bottom, with the Velcro, and with the new side entrance with the zipper.

With 9 ft in length it is built for people whose weight doesn't exceed 250 pounds and height 6'. It is equipped with the standard features, has the asymmetrical shape and 30% larger rainfly than other Hennessey models. This is one person hammock used most of the year (3-seasons). Rated 4.5 stars, based on over 50 online reviews.


  • Very easy to set up. Setup time is 2-3 minutes.
  • Sturdy and well built hammock. Better than a tent as it can be installed just above the wet, uneven and rocky ground and away from bugs.
  • Even with the unusual design it provides enough room to make the hammock very comfortable.
  • It is lightweight with the weight of approximately two pounds. It packs in small size.
  • Versatile hammock that can be used when backpacking, camping, while camping or in the backyard.
  • Rainfly provides a great coverage from the rain.


  • Not recommended for the cold, winter time. The body weight compresses the sleeping bag, so there is no under-body insulation. The solution might by the insulated pads.
  • The bottom entrance/exit is for some reviewers a problem. It is hard to set up a sleeping bag over the top of the slit and then crawl in. There's a lot of work before you position your pad or bag properly. And it is also hard to exit, especially during the night when it is dark and the slit is covered with the bag or pad.
  • Several complaints that the rain fly is undersized.

Explorer Ultralite and Deluxe A-Sym

Explorer UltraliteExplorer Ultralite

Explorer Ultralite and Deluxe A-Sym are 10ft. long hammocks that can support users up to 7 feet tall and whose weight doesn't exceed 250/300 pounds. The material for both hammocks and the rainfly are the coyote brown color. Based on over 20 online reviews, it is rated 4.5 stars from maximum 5.


  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to install, take down and use.
  • Compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Well built and durable.
  • Packs very small.
  • Keeps you cooler in the summer.


  • Narrow/tight.
  • Not recommended for cold weather.
  • It takes time to adjust.
  • Hard to sleep on your stomach or side.
  • Small rainfly.
  • Poor wind protection.
  • Hennessy doesn't offer hammocks for two people.

Backpacker hammocks

Ultralite Backpacker A-Sym is an ideal single-hammock for hikers who can use it for all three seasons. It is lightweight; it weighs 1 lb. 15 oz only and is available with the bottom and side entrance. It is perfect for people with the maximum height of 6' and weight of 200 pounds.

Even lighter is the Hyperlite Backpacker A-Sym, which is the lightest Hennessey hammock available. It weighs just 1 lb. 10 oz and it is equipped with the bottom entrance only. It is perfect for people with the maximum height of 6' and weight of 200 pounds.

As the previous two models, backpacker hammocks are having almost the same advantages and disadvantages, with much more positive than negative reviews. They are recommended for backpackers and hikers, for those where even the small weight increase makes the difference.

If you want to find out more about the available Hennessy models, like camouflage, accessories, watch videos and read consumer reviews, simply visit the Hennessy official website.


Hennessy hammock is not expensive; it is very affordable, perfect for budget oriented hikers, campers and outdoor adventurers. For less money than the main competitors, you can buy the hammock with the great quality, comfort, unique design and portability for easy transport.

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