Hanging a Hammock

Hanging a hammock step by step guide. Learn how to find the best location with the tips how to hang a hammock with and without spreader bar, pictures, video and more...

Hanging a hammock, tips and location

Hanging hammockHanging hammock

Conventional hammock types are mainly designed to hang a hammock between two trees (palm trees are what I imagine at the moment), or in a case of portable hammocks, mount on the stands.

Hanging a hammock doesn't have to be only between two palm trees, you have many other options, especially when using different hammock hanging options.

Before buying a hammock, ask yourself where you gonna use it and what is the main reason. Are you going to use a hammock for sleeping, relaxing, partying, occasionally at the beach, when camping, in your backyard, on the porch, in the summer, winter...?

Trees are mostly used as a support for hammocks, but with the hammock hanging kits you can hang a hammock from the ceiling, walls, concrete stands, between two hangers. Less complicate the installation is, more portability you have. Also, snap hooks are better than screws.

If planning to use the hammock with easy and fast setup or take down, don't use permanent attachments, such as hooks on a sturdy surface; avoid drilling holes for hangers or digging a hole for hammock posts.

Truly portable hammocks that come with the stand are perfect for those who are not willing to set the hammock up or hang it every time when changing a location. Hammocks with the stand are ideal for them.

If you have read my previous article about portable hammocks, you will see that one of the tips when buying a hammock, is to buy a hammock that will support double your weight. Also, be sure to hang the hammock properly to support not only your weight but other manipulation.

Based on some professional opinions a tree with a diameter of one foot, post with 4x4" size are the minimum requirements. They should be free of cracks and in a good condition.

Step by step guide how to hang a hammock

Hammocks are designed with and without spreader bars in various lengths. Different types of hammocks require different hanging distance and the height.

When hanging a hammock with spreader bars, such as rope hammocks, it should be on a certain height from the ground (it is recommended approximately 5'). Keep in mind that the minimum distance between two hanging points (trees, for example) should be at least the overall length of the hammock. The best distance is when it is one foot longer than the hammock length.

Keep it tight for the comfort. Avoid hanging the hammock too short or with too much slack on the rope. For maximum stability, hammocks should be pulled as tight as possible and positioned parallel to the ground.

Example: Hammock length is 13", the best distance between two hanging points is 14".

If these hanging points are farther apart, than you need an additional length, use rope for example. Extend the hanging points in equal lengths on both ends of the hammock. But don't exaggerate with this length as the tipping increases extremely (3' in total is the maximum recommended extension).

When hanging a hammock without spreader bars, such as the camping hammocks, approximately 7' from the ground is recommended. As opposed to the previous models, hammocks without spreader bars are designed to hang with a slump, making them very convenient to use and adjust.

The distance between two hanging points is usually less than the overall hammock length, two thirds is the minimum distance, while the maximum is with the increase of two feet.

Example: The overall length of your hammock is 180", minimum distance between two hanging points should be 120" and maximum is 144".

Hammocks without spreader bars should not hang "tight", they have to hang loosely with a slack but still safely above the ground. If trees are closer, higher up you have to hang the hammock and farther apart, closer to the ground.

Hammock Stands

Hammock standHammock stand

Hammock stands are used if you have no trees or any other hanging option available.

Most of the stands are adjustable in height and width. The beauty in using hammock stands is to move them around when needed.


Most hammocks come with the hanging kits, so setting up a hammock is easy as long as you follow the manufacturer instructions.

This is what you should remember when hanging a hammock:

  • Choose a location, where and how you want to hang your hammock.
  • Select the tree or stand that is strong enough for your weight.
  • For maximum stability calculate the right hanging distance and the height.

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