Haier Portable Air Conditioners Review

There are a lot of reasons for using portable air conditioners. The versatility of small and mobile air conditioners have completely outweighed the bigger stationery air conditioners and thus, Haier has come up with a whole new range of portable air conditioners which are quite easy to move from one place to another - they are mobile. This means that you shall be able to place these Haier portable air conditioners where you need it the most. This is definitely a great advantage over the stationary units and in this article we shall discuss about the different varieties of Haier portable air conditioners along with their immense features which are immensely essential for the daily purpose. 

8000 BTU Haier portable air conditioners

Haier HPB08XCMHaier HPB08XCM

Considering the 8000 BTU units, it must be mentioned that, there are a lot of similarities within the models. There are three models of 8000 BTU, which are: HPB08XCM, HPY08XCM, and HPRB08XCM.


Haier HPY08XCMHaier HPY08XCM

All the three models comprise of 3 cooling fan speeds and the presence of multiple number of fans, makes it really comfortable. A 24 hour timer is present which can be utilized conveniently for switching the ac on and off anytime during 24 hours. The 2-way direction for air passage ensures that direct air flow will be available where you want it.

All of the small models are installed with auto evaporation technology and since the water evaporates automatically, you won’t have to worry about placing any bucket or container beneath the Haier portable air conditioners. A cool fan along with dehumidify modes are present for air circulation and lower the humidity. All these portable models can be controlled by remote and the easy roller coasters help in moving the unit easily.



Now, considering the dissimilarities, the first thing that we notice is that amps cooling and watts cooling are much more in the HPY08XCM model. The amps cooling for other two models is 6.3, while for the HPY08XCM, it is 9.57. Similarly, the watts cooling for HPY08XCM are 1080 while, for the other two models of 8000 BTU is 700. The window length of HPY08XCM is 55 inches, but the other two varieties have 46 inches, the exhaust hose length is 59 inches for HPY08XCM, but the other two models have 5 feet hose length. The unit weight of HPY08XCM is 45.3 kg, while HPB08XCM is 40.3 and HPRB08XCM is 51.1 kg. More about top Haier models here.

10,000 BTU Haier portable air conditioners

Regarding the 10,000 BTU Haier portable air conditioners, we find three models, namely: HPD10XCM, HPN10XCM, HPN10XHM.


Haier HPD10XCMHaier HPD10XCM

All the three Haier mobile models comprise of 3-fan speeds which provide additional comfort. Those fan speeds can be personalized according to the users. A 24 hour timer enables the unit to be set at anytime favorable for the users to switch it on and off within the day. The auto evaporation technology present within the devices eradicates the need of placing a container beneath the units as the water gets evaporated automatically within the air. 

The cool fan and the dehumidify modes circulate air within the room and lower the humidity. This cools the entire air of the room and its surroundings. All the three small models are completely controlled by a full function remote and you can control the comfort level from anywhere within the room. The three models being small and portable are very easy to install and the roller coasters make them convenient to move.



Regarding the differences, the first factor is, the mobile HPD10XCM model comprises of 2-way air directions while the other two models incorporate 4-way air directions. Considering the pints/hour, the HPD10XCM offers 72, while the HPN10XCM and HPN10XHM offer 80 which means they have bigger capacity. The amps cooling offered by HPD10XCM is only 8.9 while the other two models offer an amps cooling of 9.5. Again the watts cooling of the HPD10XCM is 970 and the other two varieties offer 1050 watts cooling. The watts heating feature is present in HPN10XHN while the other two variations do not offer watts heating. 

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