Haier Dehumidifier Review

Finding the top performing Haier dehumidifier for home use. Haier, one of the leaders in the industry of home appliance, has an effective and affordable solution for the increased humidity in your home, room or basement. See the best Haier portable dehumidifiers.

Haier dehumidifier is built portable, lightweight and mobile which allows easy transport and use in any part of the home; basement, upper or lower floor. These small compact appliances are floor standing that utilize caster wheels and handles for convenient carrying.

Haier portable dehumidifiers are available in different sizes; from the low 30 pints unit to 65 pints capacity, designed for successful removal of the excess moist in the air.

According to some websites, such as sylvane.com, Haier dehumidifier is a good performer that comes with a variety of features for an affordable price.

Haier High Efficient Model

Haier portable dehumidifier DM32EKHaier DM32EK

The latest Haier models can be found directly from Haieramerica.com website. In the offer are three models with the capacities of 32, 45 and 65 pints, designed as high efficient models and Energy Star compliant. All three portable dehumidifiers come with the 10 pints bucket, which is situated at the front of the unit, for easy access.

Full bucket can be emptied manually or by using the direct draining system. Fan with two speeds, high and low, is found on all models, and the unit gets the air from the front and blows the air from the top. Auto defrost and frost guard are standard features on all three units. Unfortunately, none of these small dehumidifiers has the remote control.

Haier portable dehumidifier DM32EK is the 32 pints dehumidifier that is designed as the high efficiency unit with mechanically controlled features. By using the knob you can adjust the humidity or level of dryness from its minimum to its maximum value.

Haier DE45EK and DE65EK are designed as 45 pints and 65 pints portable dehumidifiers that come with more advanced features (electrically controlled) than the previous simpler model.

These electronically control dehumidifiers have a built-in digital display for convenient control of the humidity and temperature level, Smart dry, fan speed and 24 hr timer. Other helpful features include a bucket full indicator with the sound alarm, auto restart function, which resumes the power after the power loss and low-temperature operation (41 F).

The best selling Haier dehumidifier

By reviewing several websites such as Amazon.com and buzzillions.com the following Haier dehumidifier has been found as the top selling model.

Haier dehumidifier CJ30M is one the top reviewed portable dehumidifiers from this company. Based on over 30 online reviews, CJ30M was rated 4.1 out of 5.

Haier 30 pints dehumidifier is a simple unit that comes with the mechanical controls and is equipped with standard features such as washable filter, caster wheels for mobility, humidistat for humidity level control, bucket full indicator, water level, auto shut-off and auto defrost.

Pros and cons

According to the user reviews, Haier portable dehumidifier CJ30M was successfully dehumidifying the area size of approximately 600 sq. ft to the comfortable humidity level. Some users found that a lack of the digital control panel is the biggest drawback but for those who prefer simplicity this is the advantage, and as such units are more durable. Other complaints were related to the fan noise, but it was suggested by other users to keep the fan on the lowest setting. When it is running the dehumidifier will release a fair amount of heat, which might be uncomfortable for some.


Haier dehumidifier is the right solution for those who live in the humid area or whose houses got flooded. Even if your AC cannot keep up with hot summers, you might need portable dehumidifiers such as this brand to make your living more comfortable. Haier portable dehumidifier is a good buy, you just have to select the size and features you want to use. As said by one of the users: "it managed to dry the room out before mold even had a chance to creep in".

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