Haier CPN12XC9 - Portable Air Conditioner

Haier portable air conditioner detail review. Find Haier 12 000 Btu portable air conditioner, model CPN12XC9 with features, specifications, pros and cons.

Haier is the multinational company based in China that manufacturers and sells home appliances; freezers, washing machines, televisions and HVAC products, such as this Haier model CPN12XC9, designed with the power of
12 000 Btu, making it ideal for smaller to mid-sized rooms.


Haier CPN12XC9 is the single-hose HVAC unit designed to increase the comfort in your home by cooling the rooms during the hot summer months. With the cooling power of 12,000 Btu this portable AC is suitable for air conditioning small and middle size rooms. It is small, compact and mobile, and it doesn't make a whole lot of noise while you are trying to get some rest.

If you can’t afford to be cooling your whole home at the same time, a portable air conditioner such as this Haier is the great solution for you. It is recommended for homes where the traditional central cooling system is not a viable option. At night, you can keep it cool in one room, then in the morning you can carry to your living room, kitchen or cool whichever room you are planning to be in for a while.


Haier CPN12XC9Haier CPN12XC9

The Haier CPN12XC9 features the attractive body design, as seen on this picture, so when it is sitting on the room floor it makes a nice addition to your room look.

Its 12,000 Btu are more than enough for room size of up to 400 sq. ft, but the overall comfort depends on the room orientation, window and door size, insulation, number of appliances and people inside the air conditioned room.

This Haier portable air conditioner has three cooling and fan speeds which you can adjust at your convenience while it maintains cool air flow in multiple directions.

With the auto evaporation system, you don't have to empty the water from the AC every so often, this makes it easier to maintain and prevents mold from growing in your house.

Digital timer and temperature control are user friendly and very useful as you can keep the temperature in your room exactly as you like. LCD display at the top-front of the AC and provided remote control are to monitor and adjust the ambient room temperature and current settings.

Another nice feature is the 24-hour timer. When you want to go out, you can stay in a cool room untill the moment you lock the door, and set the timer to switch off AC, as soon as you leave. Similarly, you can switch on the AC, even before you enter the house.

Being portable with caster wheels, you can set it up in any room and roll inside the house where you need it.

Haier Haier CPN12XC9 portable air conditioner uses eco-friendly refrigerant called R-410A, whereas older ACs are using R22 refrigerant. If too much of R22 is emitted, the green house effect cause more global warming or ozone layer depletion. This is what makes Haier portable air conditioner an eco-friendly device.

Operating modes

Haier CPN12XC9 is highly flexible AC as it is designed with the three different modes that can be used for all seasons.

The dehumidifier mode helps to keep your room clean from molds or dust mites since the dehumidifier (100 pints capacity) mode draws moisture and condenses it. Thus humidity which is required for the growth of microbes is removed.

If you some cooling you can switch this Haier portable AC to fan mode so you feel comfortable to sit in your room as the fan-only mode keeps circulating cool breeze into the room. You can even regulate the fan speed from low to high.

The third mode is the cooling mode that provides comfortable temperatures in the small and middle size rooms.

Haier portable air conditioner abides by the rules of Restriction of hazardous substances directive and thus makes sure that bad chemicals like mercury or lead are not used for the production of these Haier portable room air conditioners.

On the negative side is that this unit with the EER factor of 9.5 is not Energy Star rated.

Haier portable room air conditioners come with one year warranty for parts and a seven year warranty for compressors. 

Pros and Cons

The reviews for Haier CPN12XC9, 12,000 BTU portable air conditioners were mostly positive. Many of the users said they enjoyed the fact that it was so easy to install as it comes with everything you need to set up a window exhaust vent. Even with the weight of 81 pounds, its built-in caster wheels are giving the unit great portability, which makes it simple to move from one room to another.

Some users mentioned that they liked the fact that they didn't have to empty the water container themselves, as it has an auto-evaporate function. They were also pleased with the idea that this unit is using an eco-friendly refrigerant. Efficiency is good and it quickly cools any room in the house.

It was also mentioned that the unit is quiet when working in any of the three modes.

There were only a few negative reviews. One user compared this 12,000 Btu unit with the 8,000 Btu window type AC and was disappointed with the Haier portable air conditioner performance, which was lower than the smaller window type unit. Window kit and attaching the hose vent was not according to the expectations.

Another person said it did not perform very well in extreme heat conditions.


Overall the Haier portable air conditioner, CPN12XC9 model with its 12,000 BTU is good for rooms up to 400 sq. ft in size. This model is one of the expensive models, it sells for approximately $450. It is light and portable and can even be transported easily. You don’t have to empty the water tank yourself. It also cools a room pretty quickly.

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