Haier AC - 12,000 and 14,000 Btu Review

Regarding the 12,000 BTU and 14,000 BTU Haier AC, there are four models that we find, which are known as HPN12XCM and HPN12XHM of 12,000 BTU and two models HPN14XCM and HPN14XHM of 14,000 BTU.

12,000 BTU models


The similarities of both the 12,000 BTU portable models include 3 cool fan speeds which can be personalized according to the usage of users demand. A 24 hour timer which enables on and off at any time of the day. A 4 way direction which creates easy passage for the air flow any where you want it. The auto evaporation technology is enabled in both the small units for making it convenient for the users and eradicating the need of placing containers beneath the air conditioners for water accumulation. 

The easy roller coasters make it convenient for moving the units from one place to another. Both the mobile air conditioners are controlled by remote and you can control the units from anywhere within your room. A quick install window kit is present which makes it easy to place it in double hung and sliding windows. The cool fan and dehumidify modes enable the overall cooling of room, circulate the air and lowers the humidity.


But the major difference within the devices is the BTU/hr heat is not applicable for HPN12XCM while the HPN12XHM comprises of BTU/hr heat of 11000, the amps heating is not applicable for HPN12XCM, but the HPN12XHM offers an amps heating of 10.8. The watts heating capacity of the portable HPN12XCM is not present while HPN12XHM offers 1200 watts heating capability.

Haier 12,000 & 14,000 BTUHaier 12,000 & 14,000 BTU

14,000 BTU models


The similarities of these Haier AC comprises of 3 cool fan speeds which can be personalized according to customer’s demand. A 24 hour timer is present that enables the on and off of the air conditioner at any time of the day. A 4 way air direction helps in air flow in any direction that is desired by the users. The cool fan and dehumidifiers circulate air throughout the rooms and helps in removing the humidity overall. 

Both the devices are controlled by remote from anywhere within the room. The quick install window kit is also present which helps the portable devices to be kept beneath the sliding windows and it fits most double hung windows.


Considering the differences, the amps heating is not applicable in HPN14XCM while, 10.8 amps heating is available in HPN14XHM. Also the watts heating of 1200 is available in HPN14XHM, but the HPN14XCM is not present with a watt heating. The unit weight of HPN14XHM is 78.7 kg; while the unit weight of HPN14XCM is 76.5 kg.


From the above comparisons, it can be said that depending on the usage and necessity of users, the size of the portable and small Haier AC needs to be considered. For a moderate sized room, the 10,000 BTU HPN10XCM ranges of Haier portable air conditioners can be a good option; and in case of a comparatively large sized room, you can opt for the 14,000 BTU HPN14XHM model. The features of the different varieties of these mobile air conditioners are similar to a huge extent but the differences make them very much unique from one another.

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