Generac Propane Generators Review

Need a power and electricity? Are you thinking about going totally green, or at least reducing your family's carbon footprint as much as you can without sacrificing convenience? If you are, you should really look into the idea of Generac propane generators. Unlike generators that run on gasoline, Generac propane generators emit far less toxic pollutants, so you can be sure that by buying one of the models you are doing your best to preserve the environment.

Why choosing Generac Propane Generators...

Generac LP3250Generac LP3250

There is a lot of portable propane-fueled generators available to you, but one manufactured by Generac really stands out. Namely, the LP3250 is the first portable generator on the market that runs on propane, while being completely portable, mobile and easy to carry around. Unlike other on the market, the LP3250 has a design that lets you carry a 20-lb propane tank with you everywhere you need to go, and the tank will be secured on the generator frame.

Generac LP3250 Features and Specs

With the weight of 137 lbs (62 kg) and a sturdy steel frame that holds both the generator and the propane tank, this generator is not only lightweight enough, but it is also very easy to handle. The 20-lbs propane tank will be enough for nine hours of continuous work, which is the same runtime as with gasoline-fueled generators have to offer.

Also, the LP3250 is Emission Certified by the EPA; it will automatically shut down when low on oil; it features covered outlets for protection from the weather; and the two 9.5-inch wheels help you move this unit wherever it is needed, with ease. Aside from these features, the LP3250 also has circuit breakers, which are there to prevent the generator from overloading. This unit can be used both commercially, as well as residentially, as it is suitable for a number of different jobs and environments. The fact that it can be used in the outdoors without any hassle is an added benefit.

What Do Users Have to Say about the Generac LP3250?

Generally, a large percentage of users recommend this unit. They report that it is extremely easy to assemble, as well as practical to roll around even over rough grounds, thanks to the rugged 9.5-inch wheels. When it comes to the noise level, a reviewer pointed out that it is quieter than his lawn mower, which is really quiet when it comes to generators. Also, another great benefit is the fact that the Generac LP3250 is well-built, much like all Generac portable generators.

As far as the complaints go, the biggest one is the fact that you will have to take apart the housing in order to get to the spark plug or the cylinder, which is reported by many users to be a design flaw. Another very important complaint is related to the instructions, as users reported that the assembly manual and the instructions were confusing and even misleading at times.


All in all, the Generac LP3250 is a very good unit when all of the user pros and cons are taken into consideration, as well as its features and benefits it offers. Generac propane generators are in general a great choice, as they are well-built, safe, and easily transported anywhere where needed.

On the other hand, this particular unit reviewed here comes with a one-year commercial and a two-year residential warranty, which is more than some other generator manufacturers offer. So, if you have decided to help preserve the environment, the Generac LP3250 is one of the best choices you can make in regard to safety, efficiency, environmental friendliness, and the cost. 

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