Generac Inverter Review

Generac inverter review, including power inverters and inverter generators for home and outdoor use.

Buying a Generac inverter will always be a good move if you travel a lot, or like to spend time in the outdoors, while never losing the comfort of using all the gadgets and appliances you would use at home. While the inverters will be used for turning the DC power from your vehicle’s battery into AC power, and you can use for many purposes, an inverter generator will actually produce the power you need, and provide you with stable AC power, which can be used for delicate electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones and so on.

About Generac Inverters

While doing the research on the subject of power inverters, Generac inverter generator reviews will generally provide with a lot of valuable information, such as their specifications, features and so on. However, it is also important to know that Generac is one of the first companies to offer the USB 2.1A technology, which means that using these power inverters for laptops or mp3 players will be easily done. In addition, Generac power inverters feature an audible alarm, which will let you know if your car’s battery voltage has dropped too low. All power inverters that will be covered in this review come with a 2-year warranty.


Generac InvertersGenerac Inverters

Generac Power Inverter 100 Watt

The Generac power inverter 100 Watt is the smallest power inverter by Generac. It has two output connections, namely a 115V 5-15R port and a USB 2.1A port; it plugs only into the lighter socket of the vehicle; and it has a pivoting power outlet adapter. Owing to the fact that it has only 100 Watts of AC output power, this power inverter can be used for a portable DVD player while traveling, or charging your iPod or mp3, for instance.

Generac Power Inverter 200 Watt

Unlike the 100 Watt inverter, the Generac power inverter 200 Watt can be connected to the vehicle both through the lighter socket and directly to the battery of the vehicle in question. Aside from this, it can be used to provide 200 Watts of power to your gadgets and appliances you would like to use while traveling or camping. This power inverter also has audible alarms, which will come in handy when using the inverter while not on the move.

Generac Power Inverter 400 Watt

The Generac power inverter 400 Watt has all the same features you will find in its big brother, the 750 Watt power inverter, but offers less power. Nevertheless, the 400 Watts of AC output power will probably be enough for most of the users. This inverter will easily power two portable DVD players, and even charge your cell phone along the way. It has a low battery shutdown feature, so you will be able to rely on it not to use all the power from your car battery while you are busy doing something else, as it will automatically shut down when the car battery is low on power.

Generac Power Inverter 750 Watt

When using a Generac power inverter or a Generac portable generator, it is very important to figure out how much power you will need. For instance, while the 400 Watt power inverter might be sufficient for the needs of many people, you might want to consider buying the 750 Watt inverter. This unit has many great features, including the overheat and low battery shutdown. The 750 Watt power inverter comes with two 115V 5-15R ports and one USB 2.1A port, which will be enough to power three of your favorite electric appliances or gadgets at once. 

About Generac Inverter Generators

Generac inverter generators are basically portable generators which have been made in a way that makes them perfect for users who need clean and stable AC power while not at home. They have a number of great features, such as the FlexPower option which is used to optimize the speed of the generator in order to reduce running costs as well as noise levels, for instance. It is also easy to carry around, as it is lightweight and rather small, with a built-in handle.

Generac Inverter Generators Types

Generac offers four different types of the inverter generator. Therefore, the iX series features the following inverter generators: iX800, iX1400, iX1600 and iX2000, each of them producing 800, 1400, 1600 and 200 Watts of power respectively. All of these inverter generators come with a 2-year warranty for residential, and 6 months for commercial use; and they are all very quiet, which means that they could be used on boats or on a camping trip, for example.


Owing to the fact that while looking through the Generac inverter generator reviews you will find features such as LED power bar that indicates current power usage, low battery shut down, overheat shutdown, overload protection warranty and so on, you will conclude that Generac power inverters, as well as Generac inverter generators are units which are well worth buying. When taking into account that these power inverters and inverter generators will provide you with AC power wherever you are, you will definitely be able to have a lot of freedom without giving up your favorite little luxuries, such as cell phones, laptops, portable DVD players and similar electronic devices.

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