Generac Generator Troubleshooting

Generac generator troubleshooting guide. Top five reasons why your Generac generator doesn't work and how to troubleshoot.

Troubleshooting Tips

The first thing I recommend, before you start working on troubleshooting a Generac generator is to read the manual thoroughly. The manual cover directions how properly to install the unit, safely operate and handle the unit, and much more. The manual will also show you how to avoid situations such as electrical, fire and explosion hazards.

Be familiar with the generator components, explore the pictures, features and the specs. When you recognize elements and know what and how to do, it becomes much easier to fix the problem. This Generac portable generator troubleshooting guide is my contribution in helping you solve the problem.

Proper installation and regular maintenance are very important for reliable and safe generator work. And this is where the root cause for possible problems is.

Generac generator troubleshooting words of caution

  • The national code requires you properly to ground the generator.

  • Connect the generator per manual guide. The best way to connect the electrical loads is by using the transfer switch.

  • Use the electrical loads per specs.

  • Let the engine run for few minutes after starting so it can stabilize and warm up.

  • Do not overfill the fuel tank as it might get into the hot engine and cause fire or explosion.

  • Do not overload the unit as it may harm the generator and connected electrical devices.

  • Never operate the generator inside and near open windows.

  • Never start or stop the generator engine with the electrical devices plugged in and turned on.

  • Always disconnect the spark plug wire so it cannot contact the spark plug, as it might accidentally start the unit.

  • Unplug the unit before fixing it.

Generac generator is equipped with the safety features, such as the Low Oil Level shutdown system, that shuts the generator down if the oil level drops below the specified level. In this case, there is nothing wrong with your unit, you just have to add the oil to the proper level.

Regular maintenance for longer life

Generac generator troubleshooting guide also recommends the maintenance, again for the proper work and longer life of the unit.

Oil check should be performed often, basically after every use, together with cleaning the dust and dirt.

At least once a year perform the recommended maintenance such as changing the oil, replacing the spark plug and air filter, or more frequent when operating the unit under the heavy loads and in dirty, humid and high temperature areas.

In addition, valve clearance should be kept per specs and adjust if necessary.

If not planning to use the generator for a month, avoid problems by removing all gasoline from the fuel tank. Try to run the generator once every week, at least half hour.

Generac generator troubleshooting problems

Problem 1 - Engine won't start

If you have a problem with the generator so the engine won't start, or it runs rough, and you want properly to troubleshoot and repair, here are the cause and solutions:

  • Check do you still have a gasoline in the tank. If not ... you know what to do, but first make sure the engine is not hot.

  • Replace the spark plug if it is bad.

  • If there is water in gasoline or gasoline is stale (usually happens after 30 days or more), drain the fuel tank and replace it with the fresh gas.

  • Install the spark plug properly if the connection between the spark plug and the wire is too loose.

  • Check is the shut-off valve in ON position.

  • Is the fuel line blocked?

  • Clean or replace the air filter if it is dirty or bad.

  • If the engine is over choking, put the choke knob to NO CHOKE position.

  • If for any reason, the engine had lost compression or valve is stuck open or closed, call the qualified technician.

Problem 2 - Engine shuts down

Generac generator troubleshooting when the engine shuts down during the operation. The worst it can happen, is if the generator engine needs to be serviced. If that is the case, you have to call a technician. But, before you do that, check if the generator had run out of gasoline, or the oil level is low.

Problem 3 - Not enough power

The engine doesn't provide enough power. Again, the serious problem is when the engine needs to be serviced, while if the load is too high, or you have a dirty air filter are very simple problems to work on. It is very important that the total wattage of all electrical devices should not be greater than the generator's wattage capacity.

Problem 4 - No AC

Generac generator troubleshooting is also simple in a case if the engine is running but doesn't generate AC.

  • Reset the circuit breaker if it is open.

  • If the connected device is bad use one which works.

  • Check to see is the cord set poorly connected or maybe defective.

  • If the problem is with the unit call the customer service for repair.

Problem 5 - Engine slows down

If you have a situation where the generator's engine is running good, but it slows down when you connect the load this is what might be the reason and solution:

  • Your generator is overloaded.

  • Disconnect the shorted electric load.

  • Check with the technician why the engine is running slow.

Generac generator troubleshooting guide with five examples from the above does not apply only on one model, but on other as well. According to Briggs and Stratton generator manufacturer, most four stroke generators have problems, which are related to two of the above 5 problems; engine won't start and engine runs poorly.

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