Fedders Portable Air Conditioners Review

Fedders portable air conditioners expert review. Find the recommendation for portable AC from Fedders Airwell series; features, specifications, what to look for and how to buy the best model.

Who is the Fedders-Airwell?

Airwell was founded in 1947 in France, and this was the first company to design and produce window type air conditioners in Europe. Fedders was purchased by the Airwell Group in 2008.

Today Airwell-Fedders Group produces a wide range of heating and air conditioning equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The room air line group covers portable, wall type and room air units, from 5,000 through 32,000 BTUs with both heating and cooling modes. The most popular brands of Airwell Group are Fedders and Electra for residential applications and Wesper for commercial use.

Airwell Fedders Portable Air Conditioners

There are three models from Airwell Fedders Group available for portable air conditioning:

  • Model AZ6P09S2A - 9,000 BTU portable AC with a single hose venting.
  • Model AZ6P12D2A is the 12,000 BTU unit that uses dual vent system.
  • Model AZHP12D2A is the 12,000 BTU unit that uses dual vent system.



Fedders AZHP12D2AFedders AZHP12D2A

Either one you buy from Airwell Fedders portable air conditioners you will enjoy the convenience of the advanced electronic controls with a full featured remote control.

Electronic controls are conveniently located at the top of the AC. For the efficient room air conditioning and with the touch of the button you can adjust the fan speed, mode, temperature and timer operation. 24 hr-timer can be found on models Fedders AZ6P12D2A and Fedders AZHP12D2A, while 12-hr timer on AZ6P09S2A model.

Airwell Fedders portable air conditioners are designed with the two and three fan and cooling speeds, temperature adjuster, auto defrost, heating and dehumidify mode.

You can change the mode as you like. If you want it to be in a sleep mode, you can get that done. It has an energy save mode in case you want to save power usage. Apart from the timer, it also has the degree indicator worked into it.


The state of the filter is very important to any air conditioner, to ensure maximum cooling efficiency. The maker of the Fedders air conditioner is fully aware of this and therefore included a filter check indicator on all Fedders portable air conditioners. This enables you to know when the time has come to carry out routine check and cleaning on the filter for the continuous smooth running of the air conditioner.

The air filter can be easily washed when it gets coated with dirt. You don't need to change it out often. You can get it washed and returned back into the Fedders air conditioner. You will, however, need to be careful when you are carrying out the washing. Look out for the fins and ensure that they are not damaged in the washing process. Gently wash with soap and water; allow the filter to dry before returning it back.

You don't need to wrack your brain or check a calendar to find out when the next cleaning should be carried out on the filter. The air conditioner comes with filter check indicator that does the calculation for you.


Most air conditioners release condensed air through their vent into containers in the form of water. You will have to empty the container before it spills over the floor. You are spared that worrisome task with the Fedders portable air conditioners as there is no water bucket to empty at all. Designed as the portable room air conditioners they are capable of removing 3 to 4 pints per hour of moisture.

Noise level

Fedders portable air conditioners operate very quietly. The noise level is 53 dB for 9,000 BTU model and 54 dB for 12,000 BTU models. You do not need to bother about any silent humming sound disturbing your sleep or your day. You will only be aware of its effect without taking note of its presence.


Fedders 9,000 BTU and 12,000 BTU models have enough capabilities for covering large rooms. You may never need to place more than one single air conditioner in a room since it is big for up to six hundred square feet. With adjustable louvers, two-way air direction and air flow of 235 cfm, for 12,000 BTU, the cooled air will go much deeper inside your room.


Fedders portable air conditioners are easy to install. Either using 9,000 BTU model with one hose vent or 12,000 BTU with dual-hose vent mounting is simple with the provided adjustable window vent kit and flexible hose.

No part of your home needs to be holed out or modified to accommodate the Fedders air conditioner. Whenever you want to pack out of the home, you can simply unplug its cables and get it packed in the same way you pack the furniture in the home. It does not have any kind of permanent installation that will cause damage to the home when it is being removed.


Looking at the Amazon.com prices, you can buy Fedders portable air conditioners from $314 to $445, depends on the model.


Fedders is one of the most important brands of the Airwell Group, acquired by this company especially for the North American market. Airwell, Fedders portable air conditioner and other HVAC product are well known for reliability and long life. Fedders portable air conditioners offer compact and classy design; the operation is incomparable; the strength and durability make it the right choice.

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