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Monster SC60 from Euroflex is the canister-type steam cleaner, also portable, that is designed to clean and sanitize bare floors, carpets, upholstery, kitchen, bathroom, car and much more.

Monster steam cleaner SC60 is one of the three steam cleaners from Euroflex, a young Italian company that became known for its stylish, simple and effective design. Euroflex is also known for steam irons, steam mops, vacuums, hand held vacuum cleaners and other household products for cleaning. Products from this Italian company are selling throughout Europe, America, Canada and other continents.

Euroflex Monster Steam Cleaner - Top Features

Monster SC60Monster SC60

Monster SC60 is the powerful pressurized steam cleaner that produces high temperature dry steam, not only for cleaning but to sanitize the floor and other surfaces.

Monster steam cleaner, SC60 is using a high quality stainless steel boiler and 1600 watts heater to produce heat with the maximum temperature of 130 C and 3.8 bar pressure. With the hot steam ready in 6 minutes, boiler with the capacity of 0.2 gallons can run for decent 60 minutes.

Such a boiler capacity produces enough steam for a variety of tasks, with the help of the available attachments, such as the brush, nozzle, floor attachment, upholstery tool, car cleaner... Refilling is easy, the only thing which might be inconvenient is wait time of approximately 5 minutes.

As other steam cleaners on the market, Monster SC60 steamer can be used to clean and sanitize many surfaces and items; from floors and carpets, ceramic tiles and bathroom bowl, to upholstery, shoes bedding and jewelry. Adjustable steam control is what makes this portable home cleaner versatile.

Monster SC60 is small and not heavy, only 7.7 pounds. For better maneuverability it has two wheels and castors for an easy move from one room to another. Truly portability can be also seen in its ability to use a shoulder strap and make this "monster" goes everywhere with you.

Portable EuroflexPortable Euroflex

Monster SC60 Plus is advertised as the world's first truly portable pressurized steam cleaner. Shoulder strap allows easy transport. Steam gun locks in place so it becomes carry handle.

Both models can work without power for up to five minutes and release the steam from the boiler. You can buy SC60 Plus for approximately $120 while the model SC60 will cost you appox. $99, both with the one year warranty.

Even with the high temperature steam there will be some moisture on the treated surface which will evaporate quickly. Keep in mind that Monster steamer is using tap water only.


  • Some users marked SC60 as the powerful unit that can steam for a long time at the full pressure.
  • Steamer is truly portable that can be moved around easily.
  • The construction is very well built.
  • Recommended for every home, especially for families with small children as it doesn't use chemicals, but tap water.
  • It does a great job on hardwood floors and blasting away grime and dust.


  • Unhappy users complained that Monster SC60 leaves the floor wet so a dry cloth has to be used.
  • Since it is European company, it is hard to find the replacement parts.
  • Short cord (only 13 ft.)
  • Not enough micro cloths included.
  • It makes home humid and muggy.
  • There is no water level indicator.


Monster steam cleaner, SC60, as other cleaning devices from Euroflex is simple and stylish, and very efficient home cleaner, which is super easy to use. Monster SC60 cleans not only home and household items, but cars, boats, all without using harsh chemicals. Superheated steam with a high pressure is a great tool to remove smelly odors from rugs, steam away dirt, grime, mold and kill bacteria, viruses, mildew, fungi... this is why I recommend it as a much better solution than cleaning with chemicals.

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