Eureka Steam Cleaner Review

Eureka steam cleaner expert review. Find the best features, specs and see the benefits of the top-selling Eureka Envirosteamer.

Green living in general and using green household items and products is becoming more and more important all around the world. Going green has a lot to do with the way you decide to clean your home, including your floors, your windows, your furniture and so on.

In order to clean the floors the green way, you should consider getting a Eureka steam cleaner. The Eureka Envirosteamer is portable, it is easy to use, and it is the cost-efficient solution, so you will not have to buy any additional cleaning products to clean your floors.

Eureka EnvirosteamerEureka Envirosteamer


The Eureka Envirosteamer is basically a portable steam mop capable of cleaning your hard floors without the use of any dangerous chemicals. This environment-friendly portable cleaner uses steam and only steam to clean wood, ceramic, linoleum, marble, laminate and granite floors, and it does a great job in sanitizing and disinfecting.

This steam mop features an adjustable handle, which means that you will be able to use it even if you are a little taller and wouldn't want to have a backache after you finish with cleaning the floors. Another great feature worth mentioning are the magic cloths used to clean the floors efficiently, which are easy to remove and wash in your washing machine.


First of all, Eureka steam cleaner weights 5.4 lbs (around 2.5 kg), which means that it is lightweight and easy to carry from one room to another. Also, it has 6.5 Amps of power, it heats up the water to an amazing 220 degrees in only 3 minutes, and you will be able to steam clean your floors without stopping for more than 20 minutes after this. The power cord is 25 feet long, and the cleaning head is 7 x 12.5 inches large, which will make cleaning large surfaces very easy and quick, too. The Eureka Envirosteamer will also hold 20 ounces of water, which is more than most of its competitors on the market.

Why buying Eureka steam cleaners is a good deal

When compared to other portable steam cleaners available on the market today, such as Bissell, Oreck or Hoover, the Eureka Envirosteamer seems like the most logical choice. It can effectively disinfect the areas in and around the bathroom, where you prepare the food, also great if you have pets.

It offers you a great deal of independence while cleaning, as it features a lengthy power cord and has a big enough water tank to help you mop until you drop. Aside from this, it is very important to note that the Eureka steam cleaner has a swivel head, which makes it easier for you to clean around objects in your home, corners and hard to reach areas.

Pros and cons

Well, the Eureka Envirosteamer has a lot of positive customer reviews, which can tell you that it is very practical and well-made. For instance, customers report that it is sturdy and capable of living through a lot of accidental drops. Also, it features a handle you can simply take off, and then use the steam mop to clean your kitchen or bathroom counters, for instance. There is no button to hold while you are mopping, as it has a continuous steam option, and the high steam temperature will make sure no dirt is left after you cleaned the floor.

When it comes to the drawbacks of using the Eureka steam cleaner, the only thing that might be considered a drawback is the fact that it cannot be left on one spot on the floor for a long time, as the high-temperature continuous steam might damage the floor.

Eureka steam cleaner is one of the best selling portable steam cleaners on, and based on over 1470 user reviews, it is rated high, 3.7 out of 5 stars.


In a nutshell, the Eureka steam cleaner is indeed a great purchase for anyone who is looking for a portable steam mop, which is affordable, simple to use, cleans the floors effectively and almost effortlessly. Also, the Eureka Envirosteamer is a very good buy even when compared to the somewhat more expensive steam mops on the market, as its features and specs are dominant in many ways. Steaming is recommended way of cleaning the floors and removing the toughest dirt and grime without the harsh chemicals, but naturally.

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