Eureka Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Review

Eureka is the trusted name in portable vacuum cleaners as the company has been around for over 100 years. The company makes impressive handheld cordless vacuums that are trusted and are in great demand worldwide. Let us find out how well three specific Eureka cordless vacuum cleaners perform in our exclusive review. Eureka - the price is not a factor, but power is.

The features and the benefits

Being Eureka, there is a plethora of handheld vacuums from which to choose. Here, we shall compare and contrast the following three models:

  1. The Eureka cordless vacuum RapidClean ION 2-in-1; 
  2. The Eureka Quick-Up 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum 96H
  3. The Eureka Quick-Up 2-in-1 96JZ

All of these have been described as being stick vacuums. As such, they are light in weight, and can be easily stored. They are also cordless, which means that they are very maneuverable while cleaning. It does not necessarily mean uniformity in cleaning usage, although we have found that 20-30 minutes of vacuuming time before recharging is fairly standard.

Eureka cordless vacuum RapidClean ION 2-in-1Eureka RapidClean ION 2-in-1

Those portable vacuum cleaners that have a lithium ion battery (such as #1) tend to provide up to 40 minutes of continuous cleaning time. The description on the Eureka cordless vacuum Quick Up is ambiguous. It states that in the bonus battery pack, each battery lasts 10-15 minutes. We do not know how many batteries there are in the bonus back, and do not know if this is over and above the standard 20-30 minutes. All of them also have a brushroll on/off feature which allows them to work on hard floors as well as carpets, although they may specialize in one aspect.

The special and the unique features of the Eureka RapidClean ION 2-in-1 is that it has 180° swivel head (which are available on many, but not all, handheld vacuums) and a washable and reusable filter. The primary portion is intended for hard floors such as those of wood, marble or tile, Again, there is a brushroll feature, and the handheld cordless vacuums can be used on furniture as well as fabrics, such as curtains.  Regardless of surface, it has Cyclonic Technology which means that the suction is powerful and it maintains that power throughout your cleaning. It is priced very modestly at $135 after discounts.

Eureka Quick-Up 2-in-1 96HEureka Quick-Up 2-in-1 96H

The Eureka Quick-Up 2-in-1 96H has a wide 10” cleaning head, and has an easy to empty dust cup, eliminating the need to purchase bags. The dust cup may need to be cleaned somewhat frequently as fine particles can otherwise lower the performance of the filter. It is one of the lightest portable vacuum cleaners available, weighing in at just 4 lbs whereas the RapidClean ION weighed in at 8.6 lbs. The price for this model is fixed at $50 and comes with free shipping. 

Eureka cordless vacuum Quick-Up 96JZEureka Quick-Up 96JZ

The Eureka cordless vacuum Quick-Up 96JZ’s forte is in cleaning small areas or messes. It cleans them up quickly with the larger than average head. Like the Quick-Up 96H, it also has a washable dust cup. This allows you to save money as you do not need to buy bags frequently. As can be inferred from the similarity in names, it shares very many features with the Quick-Up 96H, although it does seem to have an extra rechargeable battery. Originally its price is $60, but you can get it at $50 currently after discounts.


This can be a tricky option for choosing the best Eureka cordless vacuum cleaners as the ION is priced considerably higher than the latter two models. However, considering that the features and the benefits of portable vacuum cleaners are the deciding factor, we feel that the Eureka RapidClean Ion 2-in-1 handheld vacuums make it head-and-shoulders above the rest. The 180-degree swivel head makes easy cleaning even easier, and the power and the attachments (such as a pet brush) make these handheld cordless vacuums the one to buy.

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