ENO Hammock Review

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Eagles Nest hammocks are super functional and versatile handmade hammocks great for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking backpacking, on the beach... ENO portable hammock is known as the parachute hammock that offers a great quality, superior strength, weather resistance, and designed to be suspended anywhere.

ENO hammock models

Eagles Nest Outfitters offers three ENO hammock types:

  • Pronest
  • SingleNest
  • DoubleNest
Eno portable hammockEno portable hammock

SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks are 10 feet long that can be installed almost anywhere and on the same size hammock stands, as long as the maximum weight doesn't exceed 400 pounds.

The difference is in size and weight. They are very practical to carry as they pack down to the small softball size, making it ideal for backpackers, hikers, camping...

Both SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks are equipped with two 5/16" steel carabineers and nautical grade line, for easy and worry-free installation to different strapping.

With additional features such as Slap Strap and Slap Strap Pro suspension systems, you can easily and fast set your ENO hammock up. The advantages of using these two strap systems are the decent length of 92/114", lightweight, which eliminates the need to know anything about knots and how to hang your hammock on the tree by tying ropes.

Also, by using this method of hanging a hammock you don't have to worry about the distance between two anchor points (two trees) where your ENO portable hammock will hang.

ENO or Eagles Nest hammocks are made of the high strength woven nylon that is with its porous and breathable structure providing a comfortable a durable camping and hiking companion.

ENO Hammock review

ProNest is the smallest ENO hammock that uses the lightweight aluminum carabineers for hanging the hammock.

SingleNest is 4 feet portable hammock that weighs 18 oz only. It is designed for one person only.

DoubleNest with its 6.5 feet in width and 22 oz weight is bigger than SingleNest hammock, which provides additional space for you and provides more comfort. This hammock can be used for one person sitting across the hammock or diagonally or even for families, up to the maximum total weight of 400 pounds.

For the dense wooded areas, where the bugs and other insects are found in abundance, ad $20 more and buy a DoubleNest hammock with the built in Insect Protection that lasts up to 6 months and your sleepless nights are gone.

Either you are buying a SingleNest or DoubleNest ENO hammock you will find many positive reviews. Based on over hundred reviews found online Eagles Nest hammocks are rated pretty high, over 4.5 stars from maximum 5. This is how it looks the overall user satisfaction and their feedback:


  • There are a variety of attractive choices you can buy.
  • Both SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks are durable, strong and stable.
  • These types of hammocks eliminate the need for setting up the tent, making it ideal for camping.
  • Packs up very small, they are portable and easy to carry.
  • Eeagles Nest hammocks have very good quality carabineers.
  • They dry very quickly.
  • The breathable nylon micro fiber is cool in warm weather.
  • ENO's slap straps provide fast and simple hammock setup. Recommended by many users.
  • DoubleNest hammock has plenty of space for one person to move around, both laterally and lengthwise. It also supports two people easily.
  • With the rain fly, it even protects you from rain.
  • It stretches a lot, so it needs little adjusting to get the hammock tight enough, and once you add your own weight you won't hit the ground.


  • According to some reviews, DoubleNest hammock is not comfortable enough for two people sleeping, but to snuggle up is OK.
  • The breathable material is freezing in cold weather. Recommendation is to use either a sleeping bag or put a thin mat for insulation.
  • Short 2-year warranty when comparing to other brands.

For more information and reviews visit ENO manufacturer or watch video on YouTube (such as the video above).


ENO hammock is a great buy. There are so many positive reviews and the prices are for sure within your budget. You can buy DoubleNest hammock for approximately $60 or SingleNest for $50 and the comfort is guaranteed either you are camping, hiking or simply relaxing in your backyard. Eagles Nest hammocks can be used for your day trip, seasonally and year round.

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