EccoTemp Portable Water Heater

Reviews of the EccoTemp L5 portable tankless water heater and L10 high performance unit for the outdoor point of use.

EccoTemp Systems is an American manufacturer of energy efficient water heaters that are designed for portable and permanent installations using a tankless and heat pump technology. EccoTemp Company provides several tankless and heat pump water heaters, but the most popular units are portable L5 and L10 models.

EccoTemp portable water heater - L5

EccoTemp L5EccoTemp L5

EccoTemp portable water heater, L5 model uses a propane gas to heat the water and is designed for portable outdoor applications. Due to its portability and compact size, it works great for an emergency use, camping or cabin applications.

EccoTemp portable water heater, L5 is equipped with an easy and convenient to use shower nozzle, built in ON/OFF control and multiple spray pattern. This all-in-one package comes very handy for camping.

When on a maximum, EccoTemp portable water heater provides 35,000 BTU where the hot water temperature ranges from 80°F to 150°F. The unit has the automatic battery ignition, but to produce the flame minimum water pressure of 20 psi has to be met. If you cannot get a minimum water pressure (minimum water flow is 0.5 gpm), the recommendation is to use a 12-volt water pump that will provide the needed pressure.

When it uses a standard propane tank size (10-pound grill tank), water heater works approximately 18 hrs with a continuous use.


  • 2 D cell battery system is designed for the automatic ignition.
  • Temperature of the exiting hot water temperature can be adjusted; the range is from 80 to 150 F.
  • EccoTemp L5 model is equipped with the gas regulator and the hose to attach it to 20 pound propane tank.
  • Folding handles for easy transport.
  • 20 minute auto shut-off safety feature.
  • EccoTemp L5 produces 1.4 gallons of hot water per minute.


  • L5 model comes with the shower head and the hose. That allows EccoTemp L5 convenient use. Installation requires not more than to hang it on the tree and use it.
  • Adjustable hot water temperature.
  • It heats the water fast.
  • EccoTemp L5 model produces hot water on demand by using the tankless technology.
  • Recommended as a camping or backup water heater.
  • Decent shower head with three different modes, but sometimes is hard to turn it off completely; it will leak.
  • Compact size so it can fit well in the trailer.
  • Affordable.
  • Great use in a cabin or on a campsite.


  • It cannot get a maximum hot water flow when the temperature is set on the maximum.
  • Hard to adjust hot water temperature, sometimes it gets very hot.
  • EccoTemp L5 doesn't perform well when windy (it will blow out the flame) or when it is very cold outside.
  • Several reported issues with water fittings and leaking (poor quality of threads).
  • Needs Teflon tape to secure all the seals and prevent leaking.

You can buy this EccoTemp portable water heater for approximately $130 and the warranty that comes with the purchase is 1 year.

EccoTemp portable water heater - L10

EccoTemp L10EccoTemp L10

EccoTemp portable water heater, L10 model is the 10-liter high capacity heater that can be used for camps and RVs, and also for a permanent installation for barns, lodges, summer homes...

Its 75,000 Btus of gas input allows L10 model to be a high efficient unit, where the energy efficiency is 85%. As it is capable of delivering up to 2.65 gallons per minute of hot water, it can supply more than one application at the time.


EccoTemp L10 model is also using 2 "D" cell battery ignition as L5 model, and it starts the flame only when the minimum water flow is reached; making the automatic ignition water controlled. Battery ignition means that EccoTemp L10 model is great for off grid use and in the areas where there is limited electricity.

L10 model is designed for a comfortable water usage as the hot water temperature can be adjusted, it works in the range from 80 to 150 F.

In order to light the burner and have an unobstructed performance, L10 requires a water pressure between 30 and 80 psi. The water heater has the stainless steel rain cap designed to help venting the flue gases and protect the unit from rain.


  • Versatile installation; permanent and portable - it can use 1/2" NPT plumbing and standard garden hose adapter for inlet water supply. Propane gas is supplied from a standard 20-pound tank often used on the outdoor grills.
  • L10 provides more safety by implementing a 20-minute shut off timer.
  • Auto cut off protection reduces the risk of gas leakage.
  • It heats the water fast.


  • It is more for permanent installation than portable.
  • Hard to find the perfect constant temperature.
  • Hot water is not hot enough when the incoming water is cold.
  • Doesn't operate well during the high wind conditions.

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