Dyson Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Review of the top Dyson hand held vacuum cleaners for home cleaning, including the features, benefits and the most common user pros and cons.

You have probably heard of the Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners, a company that offers a portable and convenient way of home cleaning. Portable vacuum cleaners are generally very popular, as they are small and compact, and usually cordless, which makes them perfect for taking care of small messes around the house. What’s more, Dyson portable vacuum cleaners are popular thanks to its bagless design, as well as the suction power they offer.

Dyson DC16 Root 6

Dyson DC16Dyson DC16

With a beautiful and ergonomic design, this mobile vacuum cleaner would certainly win a design contest. Aside from the design, the fact that it doesn't lose suction power when used is another great feature.

Also, the bagless design is a huge advantage, when you consider how easily it is emptied and that there will be no bags to replace, making this unit more affordable than people might think.

When it comes to pros and cons, one of the obvious plus sides of the Dyson DC16 Root 6 is the fact that it is cordless and easily moved wherever needed. Also, the build quality of this unit is at the highest level possible. On the other hand, the biggest complaint most customers have regarding this unit is related to the battery life. Namely, battery life is somewhere between four and seven minutes, which is less than most users would like it to be.

Dyson DC34

Dyson DC34Dyson DC34

The Dyson DC34 features a 22.2 Volt Lithium-ion battery, which is very powerful and provides its users with a decent running time. The Dual Power Mode enables users to choose between two power modes - standard, which will give you 15 minutes, and the MAX mode will give you about 6 minutes of running time. Aside from this, you will only need one push of a button to empty the clear dust bin.

Some of the pros of the Dyson DC34 include a washable filter which will ensure that the air expelled is clean, a crevice tool and a combination tool for easy access when cleaning and a decent battery life. However, customers have reported that the DC34 is a bit too bulky, which doesn't make it perfect for cleaning in small areas like vehicles, for instance.

Dyson DC35 Multi Floor

Dyson DC35Dyson DC35

Aside from the Dyson signature Root Cyclone Technology, the DC35 also has one great and unique feature – a wand that will help you reach anywhere you need. It is not a magic wand, but it will certainly come in handy when cleaning those hard to reach and tall places.

The cleaning head is also able to turn 180 degrees, which means that you will never stop cleaning while moving the head around.

The floor tool with brushes made of carbon fiber is definitely a big plus, as well as the aforementioned aluminum wand. As opposed to this, some of the most common cons mentioned by DC35 users include the fact that it is a bit heavier than it could have been, which often results in users getting tired more quickly while vacuuming, and also the fact that the DC35 is a bit too pricey.


All of the Dyson hand held vacuum cleaners mentioned in this review come with a 2-year warranty; they are all very quick in recharging the battery, they are all cordless and mobile, made of the high-quality materials and have a trigger mechanism that keeps them vacuuming. Some people find this good, while others think of it as a disadvantage. Either way, you should think about this before you choose to buy one of these small and compact Dyson hand held vacuum cleaners.

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