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How to select the best dual portable dvd players for your kids, when traveling, camping or on the vacation. Search for the popular small and mobile two-screen portable DVDs for cars, including RCA, Philips, Sony, Venturer, Coby, in two the most popular sizes of 7" or 9".

Buying dual portable DVD players for car is a great solution for long road trips to entertain the most loved passengers - kids. The two-screen portable DVD allows more than one person to view the same video without having to hover over one another. It also allows the passengers to watch two different movies or shows simultaneously.

Greatest advantage of the portable DVDs is their compact and small design, often foldable, so they can be easily taken on the road trips and vacations without taking too much of the luggage or backpack space. According to the online reviews, parents with two kids are the primary market for 2-screen portable DVD players.

This article presents some great buying tips for moms and dads and answers the question - which dual portable DVD players are the best for your kids?

Or if you wish to skip to the best models, see the comparison and short review here.

Why to Buy a DVD Player when I have a Computer?

Many people think that the usefulness and lure of the portable DVD players have lost their effect. This is primarily since there are now laptop computers that allow an individual to watch a DVD to the same extent as the portable DVD player, and such computers can oftentimes be just as compact as the portable DVD players.

A portable DVD player is now much cheaper than purchasing a computer. The best dual portable DVD players can likely be purchased from $100 to $300, while a computer can range from the hundreds to the thousands, depending on the quality of the computer. Portable DVD players, unlike computers, can be mounted on the back of a car seat to keep small children entertained or carried inside the small bag or purse.

Buying Guide - What to look for


The experience you get when watching a favorite movie is the most important when searching for the best dual portable DVD players. For cars, experts recommend purchasing a 7" screen size. If you are interested in larger DVD screen, there are also 8, 9 and 10 inch screens, but these are heavier to carry and tend to cost more.

The right monitor size provides a large viewing area and presents widescreen movies in their original format. Recommended screens are those with the high resolution (the most common is 480x234) and 16:9 ratio so you can enjoy the clear and bright picture with no cropping.


The best twin screen portable DVD players are using built-in speakers that provide a surround sound effect (known as virtual surround sound) and have an option to connect headphones so you can enjoy your movie without disturbing others. Some models have two headphone jacks, which is great if you have one DVD player and two kids in the back of the seat.


Dual screen portable DVD players are using multiple power; 12V car charger through the cigarette charger, AC through the home electric outlet and rechargeable battery. Ask the sales rep. about the battery life of the portable DVD player, as you want to make sure that the battery lasts long enough for you or your child to watch an entire movie, and without having to change the batteries often.

The best small and compact DVD players can play over 5 hours; however, a lot of the devices can only play for about 3 hours or less. Conclusion is that you need a battery that has short charging time but a long life.


Remote control makes your experience of watching movies inside your car as convenient as in your home.

Straps for mounting screen on the headrests makes the set-up a snap and is included as the in-car accessory.


The best dual portable dvd players are compatible with most CD and DVD discs, including Blu-ray disk, rewritable discs... and they can play MP3 music, JPEG photos, Divx and are multi regional. DVD compatible with the video game system, USB or digital camera and SD card comes very handy. "Parental control" is important to have so you can have some control over the DVD.


Most of the good quality dual screen DVDs such as Coby are sold for less than $100, but the best ones; Philips, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, are in a price range from $100 to $200, rarely higher. They come with the warranty of one year. You might also want to consider buying a small and foldable, Fisher-Price DVD player with your kid's favorite character, Disney for example, on it .

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