Best Dog Treadmills Review

A guide to portable dog treadmills for your dog exercise and better health. Pet treadmills buying guide, dog powered treadmill benefits and review of the best manufacturers.

Why portable dog treadmills are great for pets

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Estimates state that over 40% of pet dogs in USA are over-weight. This may be attributed to the busy human lifestyle that leaves little time for pet exercise.

With ever mounting scarcity for shelter and decreasing household dimensions in the expensive urban centers, there are few who care for pets. It can be presumed that the neighborhood is getting less friendly towards pet dogs. For those who have dogs, portable dog treadmills give an opportunity to provide regular exercise, regardless of weather, climate or environment, and within their homes, garage or own yard.

Dogs have normally been hunters and are naturally inclined towards regular activity. The confinement of homes is compounded by the high calorie modern diet found in most processed foods. Due to time constraints, the pet owners have little time to prepare a diet and therefore prefer the easy way out by providing fatty meat. This often leads to obesity and increases human like afflictions such as arthritis, diabetes and heart problems.

Dogs tend to be active. Long periods of inactiveness can also make them crave for hyper activity, a potential dangerous situation for households with kids. They can also get irritable and run off to create problems in the neighborhood. Portable dog treadmills provide them the outlet to release their energy and stay calm when necessary. This also helps in trimming the excess fat produced from their diet.

In this consumerist market, finding a suitable pet treadmill is not a hassle. A simple Internet search can present varieties of portable dog powered treadmills. Let us discover what the manufacturers have to say about their product.

Best portable dog treadmills

Fit Fur Life is the leading brand in portable dog treadmills. They promote building muscle, toning and increased fitness level that ultimately provides a healthier dog with a longer life span. Built using the latest technology and outstanding workmanship, they are the envy of all dog owners. Their pet treadmills have a cage like structure that prevents dogs from falling off and can be easily folded for convenient storage. Available in four models, Fit Fur Life pet treadmills fit dogs of all sizes. Armed with a three display monitor, it is not cheap.

JOG A DOG is a late but commendable entrant. The company claims the involvement of veterinarians, physical therapists and engineers in developing this portable dog treadmill. The base is solid owing to its singular carbon frame and is rust resistant. The latest model, DC7 can also hold dogs weighing more than 300 pounds. The side guardrails are foldable. Pricing is a major deterrent.

The DogTread series from PetZen are highly portable with a weight of only 47 pounds and base wheels for smaller breeds of dogs. They look attractive in their designing with a smooth base and recessed lift handles. The distance and time factors for exercise can be programmed. The stress level can be enhanced with inclinations ranging from the 0 degree to 14 degrees. This brand is gradually catching up in the portable pet treadmills' market.

Orvis has introduced the latest product in category of portable dog treadmills. Combining the best features of most popular portable pet treadmill products, this comes in three varieties as per the weight of the dog. The higher versions are much cheaper than others. The quality is further highlighted by an advanced start and stop mechanism. However, it does not have bigger guardrails.

Pawws company offers three types of treadmills, made of the high strength aluminum frame with great features such as the multi LCD display and 3-position incline. You can get a treadmill from 42 inches to 80 inches of the walkway and the price is in a range from $600 to $1500.

The price for pet treadmills goes from as low as $300 for manual treadmills to several thousand for motorized, that are larger and have much more features and are using sophisticate technology.

Buying tips

  • You can buy a dog portable treadmill that is motorized or dog powered. Dog powered treadmills are safer for dogs while motorized will make your dog move at the right speed for better control over the training.
  • Motorized treadmill should have a quiet motor.
  • Make sure to buy a portable treadmill with the appropriate length and size so your dog can exercise comfortably.
  • Does the pet treadmill have the adjustable speeds and incline options for more flexibility?
  • Buy a treadmill with side rails for safety.
  • Buy a pet treadmill that is foldable for easy storage and transport.

Both motorized and dog powered treadmills are designed to exercise many dogs quickly and effortlessly; from small like Chihuahua, medium size Pitbulls to large dogs such as Dogos.


Although portable dog treadmills are the latest craze, it remains to be seen how they affect the territory marking habit of dogs and the bonding that develops with the owner while on a walk. Arbitrarily, the portable dog treadmills are a boon for all dog lovers as they allow their keep in a healthy manner. This is the only resort to maintaining a pet dog health in these modern days of fast life and rapid urbanization.

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