Dog Car Hammock Review &
Buying Guide

Dog car hammock buying guide and shopping tips. Buy a dog hammock for car and convert your back-seat into a comfortable travel area for your pet, while protecting the seat fabric from the dog smell and dirt.

There are some important safety and healthy precautions you should consider before taking a dog on a major road trip. All the mess and the hassle that comes with the dog prevents many people to abandon their ideas of enjoying the company of their dogs all the time.

Dog car hammock has solved this problem in a simpler way. Now you can cover the back seat of the car with the dog car hammock and let your muddy pet sit there. A pet hammock is what gives your pet a safe and comfortable place to relax while in the car. It has all the freedom in the back of your car, without annoying you.

Made by the waterproof material, it keeps the seat safe from mud, water and all types of stains. Even with various colors and types available in the market, it is recommended to look for the most suitable dog hammock seat cover for your car.

Popular Dog Car Hammocks

Outward Hound Back SeatOutward Hound Back Seat

Outward Hound Back Seat Pet Hammock is the very affordable hammock, it costs only $15. It measures 55 x 58.5 inches. It is easy to install, and it attaches across front and rear seats of most automobiles.

Outward Hound received 4.3 out of 5 stars - based on over 130 reviews, at



Solvit 62314 is the waterproof hammock for the rear seat. It is made of the durable heavy-gauge polyester with the waterproof backing.

It measures 56 x 59 inches. It is more expensive than the previous model, it cost approximately $30. It is rated 3.7 out of 5 stars - based on over 50 reviews from

Kurgo Wander Hammock

Kurgo WanderKurgo Wander

Kurgo Wander Hammock is the expensive dog car hammock. It will cost you approximately $50. It can be used as a hammock or seat cover. It includes utility bag for leash, toys and water.

Velcro closure openings allow seatbelt and child seat use. The size is 56 x 60 inches. It is rated 3.7 out of 5 stars, based on over 30 reviews.

Dog Car Hammock - Buying Tips

Before making the final purchase of the dog hammock for car, it is better to look for all the possibilities. If your pet has a habit of sitting in the car most often, it is better to get the heavy stuff made dog hammock seat cover rather than nylon made. They will be able to absorb the mud, water and all dirt inside them.

Find a hammock with an easy attachment to front and rear headrests. This way you will protect you and your pet by blocking the space between the front and back seats. If the cover is unsuitable for vehicles that do not have headrests, buy one which is.

Covers made of 100% polyester fabric are the most common as they are cheaper, yet durable. Quilted covers made of 100% cotton offer the beauty and comfort for dogs. Either one you buy, it should be soft, comfy, machine washable, and it doesn't slip when under normal use.

You can also opt for some permanent seat cover that may disguise as the dog car hammock. This is possible if you accompany a dog more often and no other human sits in the car. If you make your dog to sit in the front, there must be accessibility towards seat belts. This way it will be easy to get complete hold on the dog.

Choosing the Best Dog Hammock

The dog hammock for a car or truck must be larger than the size of the dog. This way it will be easy to cover the entire seat and the dog will feel free to roam all over the seat. The larger one will also keep the dog relaxed and not bound within the small space. The stuff of which dog hammock for car is made up, also determines its selection.

If the trip is towards some muddy hill or a long walk, the paws of the dogs are definitely going to get dirty, this way go for the waterproof dog hammock seat cover. It will keep all dirt inside it. On the other hand, the quilted one can be selected, if you tend to go to any friend’s place or simply for shopping.

Besides material of the dog hammock bed, quality also matters. Texture of the hammock is dependent upon the dog himself. In case of a more energetic dog that can exert more force and energy on the seat cover, get the durable one. On the other hand, if the dog is somewhat slow, sits properly and manageable, then cheap dog hammock bed can work well.

The color selection of the dog hammock bed must be dark in any case. This way, all the absorbed dirt won't become obvious. At the same time, the darker will also be more durable and long lasting due to their color scheme as compared to the lighter tone.

Recommended Type

The waterproof dog car hammock works well for all cars and the color should be chosen based on the pet's hair color and taking into account the dirt. It is made up of storage pockets, which are usually two. This way back seat remains clean and free from all dirt. Though the material of the fabric is very hard, but it still feels soft when touched. The straps are mostly adjustable with many attachments points. The dog hammock seat cover is most versatile and keeps the pet away from swinging in car. They are always better than the nylon made.


With the dog car hammock, you can happily enjoy the ride with your best pet friend. The days of scrubbing the back seat to remove the pet hair and mud residue are gone. You will also have a safer driving, as the hammock protects you and your dog when you had to break hard, for example. These portable hammocks are also very useful in reducing dog smell getting trapped into the back seat cloth.

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