Best Dirt Devil Portable Vacuum Cleaners

The top selling Dirt Devil portable vacuum cleaners reviewed here offer you a practical and easy to use solution for cleaning your home or a car, fast and convenient.

Generally, hand held vacuum cleaners are a great solution for fast and convenient cleaning, and Dirt Devil portable vacuum cleaners are very popular, and thus a great choice for you. So, if you want to buy a small and compact mobile vacuum cleaner, you should definitely look into buying one from this review.

Dirt Devil BD10045RED AccuCharge

Dirt Devil AccuChargeDirt Devil AccuCharge

One of the simplest, most convenient and mobile cleaners among Dirt Devil portable vacuum cleaners is the Dirt Devil BD10045.

This cordless vacuum cleaner that uses the AccuCharge Technology to provide you with shorter recharge times, a better battery life, and 70 % less energy consumption which makes the unit Energy Star compliant.

Owing to the fact that it has 15.6 Volt of power, you will almost never feel like you could use more suction. Aside from this, this model features a handy Quick Flip Crevice tool, which can be folded away so as to store the unit easily.

One of the biggest plus sides of the Dirt Devil BD10045 is the fact that it is lightweight (3.2 pounds) and small enough for you to reach tight spaces, especially with the crevice tool. Even the recharging is convenient as you can carry the charging stand and plug it anywhere.

The Dirt Devil BD10045 uses a bagless design so once you are done with the cleaning, just open the bagless cup and drop the dirt into the trash. Also, almost all users have nothing but good things to tell when it comes to the suction power of the unit, ergonomic design and convenience it brings. On the other hand, the unit seems to have a small design flaw. Namely, some users report that it does not feel secure enough when left on the wall mount. Others complained that the cleaner does not pick up the pet hair from the couch, car, rug...

Dirt Devil 100 Classic

Dirt Devil 100 ClassicDirt Devil 100 Classic

With a 7 Amp motor, and a number of practical accessories, this unit is one of the best Dirt Devil portable vacuum cleaners out there.

The unit is not cordless, but is lightweight and convenient to carry (the cord length is long enough) and has a lot of benefits that make up for this fact. One of these benefits is a motorized brush that is powered by the 7 amp motor, which ensures a successful removal of dirt and pet hair, as opposed to the previous model. The accessories included with this unit are the following: a wand, a hose, a dusting brush, a crevice tool and an upholstery brush. As the previous model, Dirt Devil 100 Classic uses the bagless dirt cup for a quick and convenient dirt removal, and for added value and air quality it is equipped with the HEPA filter.

In terms of suction power and large number of practical accessories, this is one of the top praised hand held vacuum cleaners from this manufacturer and wide. However, some users have complained about the Dirt Devil 100 being too loud, and that they have had problems with the exhaust that has occasionally blown away the dust they were trying to vacuum.

Dirt Devil M08220 Scorpion

Dirt Devil ScorpionDirt Devil Scorpion

This powerful and portable unit has proven to be a favorite of many users. It has a 7 Amp motor which allows it to bring a lot of bang for the buck.

Aside from this, the power cord is long which gives you enough portability (mobility), as its length is 16 feet. Even though the Dirt Devil M08220 Scorpion is a bit heavy, it comes with a handy shoulder strap for easier maneuvering.

The suction power of the unit is probably the biggest benefit of the M08220 Scorpion, as the fact that it is not cordless can here be viewed as a big advantage. Aside from the power, a lot of users have praised the unit’s build quality. On the other hand, some users have had complaints related to the filter. They have said that the filter is very hard to clean, and that the bin needs to be emptied out far too often.


Generally, Dirt Devil portable vacuum cleaners are a very good choice if you need to be clean up hard to clean messes like embedded dirt or difficult to clean pet hair. All of the hand held vacuum cleaners made by Dirt Devil will offer you a lot of suction power, and they will at the same time be easy to use, compact and very mobile. Also, all three units reviewed here come highly recommended by users, as well as with a 3-year warranty.

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