Digital Bathroom Scale Review

Digital bathroom scale expert and user reviews. Find what the best bathroom portable scale is; explore the features and advantages. Talking scale, Taylor, Tanita and EatSmart bath scale reviews.

Portable weight scales are built small and lightweight for easy carrying, and they can accommodate people of all sizes and weights.

Digital bathroom scale types

Bathroom weight scales are designed to measure the weight either electronically (known as digital) or mechanically (analog). The best bathroom scales are usually digital - they are very accurate and offer all the neat features, which are not found on the mechanical ones.

Digital bathroom scale, such as EatSmart, Tanita or Taylor use sophisticate technology with sensors to weight and provide all kinds of information about your body and progress, fast and accurately.

There are different types of portable bathroom scales and except the digital and mechanical; you will also find body fat scales, talking bathroom scales, bariatric and obesity scales. Based on the available features, options and the quality of the scale, the price range varies from less than $20 to several hundred bucks.

The cheapest bath scales can be mechanical and digital, battery or solar powered. Some of these home scales are made of the durable steel base and enamel coated with a non slip weighing platform while other are made of recycled materials, durable glass... Most of them don't have a memory function or BMI feature; they simply measure your body weight. They can have LCD display or a dial.

The most expensive bathroom scales are designed as both mechanical and digital scales and made of the high quality and durable materials. As you are paying more, you are expecting more as well. Right?

Heavy duty bariatric scales are mainly for heavier weights, they have extra-wide platforms, they are expensive, and can offer features such as a computer port so you can send the reading to your computer or printer.

Finally, talking digital bathroom scale is equipped with the technology that tells what your exact weight is, in a clear and audible voice. Visually, and audibly impaired individuals can take advantage of such a benefit.

Digital bathroom scale buying guide

Power source and units

Portable bathroom scales are solar, AC or battery operated. They use LCD display to show the weight results, and can be shown in different units, such as, lb, kg, g, oz... Look for the models with the large LCD display so you can read easily without having to bend forward.

Recommended are digital bathroom scales with the lithium batteries as they provide longer life than AA or AAA batteries. Low power consumption and auto-off feature allow several thousand weight readings from a single set of batteries and savings.


For the accurate tracking of your weight, purchase the scale with small increments so you can notice even the smallest weight loss. This is a must for those who are series about losing weight, tracking the progress and checking the effectiveness of the dietary program.

Zero calibration

Automatic zero calibration is also a convenient option that allows your scale to reset itself; it goes back to zero as soon as you step off it.


Find out what is the maximum weight your future scale can withstand and buy the scale that suits your needs. Most of the bathroom scales are designed for the maximum weight up to 400 pounds, but if you need one with a higher capacity you have to pay extra.

The best bathroom scale features body mass index (BMI), BMA, memory...

They can calculate different aspects of the body composition such as hydration level, body fat and muscle level, they are perfect for individuals on weight loss programs and athletes.

If planning to track your weight over time, buy portable scale with a memory function and target weight, so you can compare your current weight with the previous, let's say 5 recordings or target weight. If there are more than one user in your home, recommendation is to look for a scale that offers a feature to store data for multiple users.

The expensive digital bathroom scales often include BMI (body mass index), an option to help you determine the weight range that is right for you.

BIA or Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is a neat feature often found in the high value scales which helps you determine how much water or fat is in your body. As it is using electrical signals for the calculation it is not recommended for individuals with a pacemaker.

The best models

One of the most visited and trusted online stores is We are using Amazon often to review and find the most selling and rated products. This is one of the resources, we have used to select the top five portable and digital bathroom scales for home use. All of these models have at least four stars and are the best selling models.

These are the bathroom scale recommendations from hundreds of professional and consumer reviews:

EatSmart PrecisionEatSmart Precision

EatSmart Precision Premium with 3.5" LCD - based on over 360 reviews, it has been rated 5 stars out of maximum 5.

This bathroom scale provides accurate readouts of your weight with the 0.2 lb increment; thanks to the step-on technology that incorporates four high gauge sensors. Capacity is up to 400 pounds.

Health o MeterHealth o Meter

Health o Meter HDL645KD-63 Glass - has 4.5 stars of maximum 5, based on over 30 reviews.

The scale uses a tampered glass platform to measure weight up to 330 lb, with 0.2 lb increments. It uses a durable and replaceable lithium battery.

Tanita HD351Tanita HD351

Tanita HD351 with memory function has the rating 4.5 of maximum 5, based on over 110 reviews.

It features extra large and low profile platform than can withstand maximum of 440 pounds. It shows the current and previous weight for up to five users.

Omron HBF-400Omron HBF-400

Omron HBF-400 Body Fat Monitor and Scale - rated four stars of five, based on over 480 reviews.

This bathroom scale doesn't provide only a weight measurements, but body fat percentage and body mass index and supports up to four personal profiles. It measures weights up to 330 pounds with the 0.1 increments.

Taylor 7506Taylor 7506

Taylor 7506  is rated 4 stars of maximum 5, based on 140 reviews.

High tempered glass platform with chrome base for up to 300 capacity. It runs on a long life lithium battery. Great 5-year warranty.

According to, the best bathroom scale is digital Lifesource Wireless Precision Scale UC-324THW. It costs around $100 and the reason for being the best is its precision, internal memory and ability to upload your weight wirelessly to a computer and log your progress. review selected Tanita Solar Digital Scale HS-302 as the best bathroom scale. Tanita HS-302 model is a solar powered scale that is eco-friendly; made with biodegradable plastic, and is a highly accurate scale.


The best digital bathroom scale brand is definitely from the EatSmart manufacturer since it offers several among the best selling and highly rated products on Bathroom scale price range is between $10 to over $100. When looking for the best bathroom scale, expensive scales, most of the time, come with the high-tech technology, some great features and extras. Rule of thumb says; buy an accurate bathroom scale that shows consistent results.

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