Dewalt Portable Band Saws
Similarities and Differences

Experience the joy of easy and trouble-free sawing with Dewalt portable band saws...

If you are looking for the perfect accessory for cutting and making sizes of different metal and wooden pieces, then stop and have a look at Dewalt portable band saws. Dewalt has come up with different portable band saws which are extremely lightweight and beneficial for forming different shapes or metal and wooden pieces with ease. The range of band saws are small but powerful, and can be used almost anywhere as they are operable handheld.

In this article we take a look at five different varieties of Dewalt portable band saws that are going to save a lot of your valuable time while cutting metals.

  • Dewalt DWM120K
  • Dewalt DW328
  • Dewalt D28770
  • Dewalt 28770K and 
  • Dewalt DWM120
Dewalt 28770KDewalt 28770K


When we are talking about the similar features, it must be mentioned that all of the above varieties of Dewalt portable band saws are designed to be very much robust which make them usable on tough jobs. All the varieties are lightweight and balanced for ease of usage. 

Speed control is present in all the five varieties to tailor the blade in different positions for offering a much more accurate shape. The durability of the blades is enhanced in all the models of the portable band saws by offering dual bearing blade guide rollers. This provides a tremendous support system for over-dependability. 

A 3 year warranty is offered on all the small models which ensure that if any part of the product is damaged, then it will be replaced by the supplier and hence the users can definitely rest assured. The additional features include one year of free servicing; and if the product is not appreciated by the customers, a 90 days money back guarantee too is offered by the company. 

Dewalt DW328Dewalt DW328


Starting with the dissimilarities, the first thing to mention is– the models DWM120 and DWM120K offer a 5-inch deep cut capacity for a rectangular stock while the other varieties offer a cut of depth 4-3/4 inch deep. Considering the power consumptions, the handheld Dewalt DWM120K and DWM120 offer a motor of 10 amps which is undoubtedly best in the present industry, while the other two models offer a motor of 6 amps. It needs to be remembered here that, more the value of amps, the more power the machine increases. 

There’s plenty of handheld space offered to the users in the DWM120 model with multi position adjustable large front handle which is also present in D28770 and D28770K, but is not present in the other two variations. Blade tracking enhances the blade life in the model DWM120 in addition to the dual bearings, but this feature is not available in any other models. Again the LED lights and sight lights are available in the four models DWM120, D28770K, D28770 and DWM120K, but it is not available in dewalt DW328. 

The DWM120 portable band saw can be had for $299 with 47% discount on Amazon; while the DWM120K is available for $289 on Amazon at 52% discounts. Lastly the DW328 is available for a comparatively smaller price of $228 with 53% discounts. Unfortunately, the prices for other small Dewalt band saws, the D28770 and the Dewalt 28770K were unavailable.

Dewalt DWM120KDewalt DWM120K


From the overall analysis of the similarities and dissimilarities, it must be mentioned that the best of all the Dewalt Portable Band Saws is DWM120. The reason is, not only does it have the best motor present, but also it comprises of a lot of features which is not available in any other devices. The handheld band saw, available at heavily discounted prices makes it a must buy. Thus if you are looking for a portable, small and a handy band saw, the dewalt DWM120k is the perfect choice out and out.

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