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Why to buy Dewalt DW745 portable table saw. Find Dewalt 745 table saw features, video, pros and cons collected from consumer and professional reviews.

Dewalt DW745 Features Review

dewalt dw745 portable table sawDewalt DW745

Dewalt table saw DW745 is another highly rated portable table saw with a 10-inch blade diameter and 15 Amps motor.

Dewalt 745 table saw is a lightweight unit; it weighs only 45 pounds, which is much less than the other two popular table saw models, Ridgid R4510 and Bosch 4100-09.

Smaller size allows great portability for Dewalt DW745; it occupies less floor or table space, and at the same time is ideal for simpler and light-duty jobs, as it is designed with the maximum rip capacity of 16 inches.

Dewalt DW745 table saw has the patented rack and pinion fence rails that telescopes for fast adjustments and better accuracy, and it is sliding into a compact, portable position for easy transport.

Dewalt portable table saw makes quick work from bevel cuts, and you can adjust the blade from 0 to 45 degrees, in hardwoods and pressure treated lumber to resizing sheet materials.

If you have to change a depth of cut for different material thickness using the crank handle is quick and easy.

The fence is tall and straight. It stays still and square while the front and back rails move together on a rack and pinion system. It is made of aluminum, and it contributes in compact lightweight size. It is dependable and it can be used for both 2x and 4x rips.

Other elements that are making Dewalt DW745 great include a metal roll-bar base that provides durability on the job, much better than the plastic; adjustable rear rubber feet to level the saw on the uneven ground or work surface and protect the body, a special table coating reduces friction for smoother cutting and with less effort.

If using this saw without the stand, and as the table top table saw, Dewalt makes a carrying much easier with the overmolded rubber grips.

In order to keep your work area clean, use the dust port to connect a 2-1/2-inch shop vac. Keep in mind that not all the sawdust will be collected by the shop vac, you will definitely find some on the floor. You will also find a situation where the sawdust gets into the interlocking slide track for the fence. In order to allow free movement of the fence, occasional cleaning is necessary.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Now, let's see the pros and cons found among consumers' reviews from the websites such as,, Home Depot...


  • Almost no adjustments needed when out of the box.
  • Easy to adjust the positioning of the fence.
  • The saw is accurate and repeatability is satisfactory.
  • Fine tune is available for fine tuning.
  • Pusher stick for wood past the blade.
  • Some components are durable to work in hard working and weather conditions.
  • Great tool for flooring and light contracting work. It's straight, accurate, strong, and lightweight.
  • The rack and pinion fence rail is one of the favorite features among many users. It allows fast fence adjustments and drives both sides to ensure parallelism.
  • Tipping the blade and locking out at 45 is easy.
  • Large ON/OFF switch is conveniently located; you can find it with a no-look touch.
  • Saw is protected by a sturdy steel roll cage.
  • Simple two-wrench blade changes.
  • The saw can be combined with the X-style folding stand as an accessory.
  • An integrated scale contains both inch and metric.
  • Decent warranty, 3 years.


  • Lack of a stand or any type of feet to raise the saw to the proper working height. The stand is available as an accessory.
  • Motor is loud.
  • As the unit is small there is no on board blade storage.
  • The rip capacity should be bigger.
  • No room for a dado blade.
  • Miter gauge is too small, flimsy, and it pops out too easy.
  • The space between the front edge of the tool and the blade is short.
  • Release handle for the rack-and-pinion system is underneath the table and in order to know it is there you have to be familiar with the feature.
  • Some users question the durability of the Dewalt saw as the saw body is made of plastic and reinforced by a metal roll cage base. This is especially important when working with the abrasive materials.
  • The saw comes with the low end disposable blade.

According to the numerous reviews I went through, this saw is rated almost as high as Bosch or Ridgid, and it provides much better portability and the price. You can buy Dewalt DW745 portable table saw online for approximately $350, and it comes with the limited three year warranty.

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