Best DeWalt Cordless Drills Review

Why recommend DeWalt cordless drills? There are some good reasons. History and tradition are on the company side. During almost hundred years of company existence, DeWalt gained trust from both professionals and amateurs. Distinctive yellow-black power tools became a symbol of reliability, durability, and highest quality.

Well known American company was especially appreciated for its portable electric tools, introduced in 1992. Two years later, in 1994, DeWalt has offered a radical new product series – more than 30 cordless tools, including the first drill/driver/hammer combi tool, and in those days most powerful 14.4 volt cordless drill driver.

After promising introductory remarks, look at their actual manufacturing program. DeWalt cordless drills overcome corded models in numbers, which is a good sign of company’s dedication and expertise to provide best and convenient solution in portable tool industry.

The following abbreviations and marks are found on some DeWalt drill models.

XRP – stands for Extra Reserve Power. DeWalt XRP batteries have boosted performances – extended run-time and limited self-discharge.

Made in the USA with global materials mark, with an American flag, means that tool was produced in one of the seven DeWalt US manufacturing facilities.

DeWalt 20V Max Line is the fastest growing DeWalt cordless tool series with upgraded features. (Name explanation: Maximum initial measured battery voltage is 20 volts; nominal voltage is 18V). If you search for yet stronger tool with advanced electronics within the DeWalt 20V Max Line, choose drills of XR series.

UWO (Unit Watts Out). Instead of using in/lbs of torque, DeWalt measures the power of the total drill in UWOs. The unit is different than in/lbs and do not try to convert the numbers.

Best DeWalt cordless drills

Here, we are presenting top three DeWalt cordless drills, one from each of three voltage categories, according to customer choices, with some advice from professionals.

DeWalt DCD710S2 – 12V MAX 3/8" Drill Driver

DeWalt DCD710S2DeWalt DCD710S2

If you are a hobbyist and need really compact cordless drill with additional driver function, for wood, drywall or other light materials, this is an ideal DeWalt tool for you. Key features of the drill are two-speed transmission (400 and 1500 RPM), mechanical clutch with 15 torque settings, LED light, and maximum power of 189 UWO.

DeWalt DCD710S2 is lightweight - 2.4 pounds weight and only 7 -1/2” long, sitting ergonomically in your hand and making it great for using for a longer time.

For $100 tool comes in a kit with 12V MAX lithium ion battery packs, fast charger, belt hook and contractor bag. (12V MAX in this case means battery voltage is 12 volts; under a workload nominal voltage is 10.8V). The main con of the DCD710S2 is – limited power. Tool is not designed for demanding tasks.

DeWalt DCD771C2 – 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2" inch Compact Drill Driver

DeWalt DCD771C2DeWalt DCD771C2

This one is simply – the highest recommended DeWalt cordless drills if you need a drill and driver. The DCD771C2 is also superior when compared to the cordless drills of the other known brands. Its high performance motor of 300 UWO, two-speeds (450 and 1500 RPM) and 16 clutch settings provide full control on the different materials.

The kit price is only $100 and professionals point out its best price-quality ratio.

Then, why DeWalt DCD710S2 – 12V, and not DeWalt DCD771C2 20V? The more powerful model, with 3.6 pounds, is heavier than its 12-volt counterpart is. The 20V drill is also bigger (10 /14 in) then DCD710S2.

DeWalt DCD950KX – 1/2" 18V Cordless XRP Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver

DeWalt DCD950KXDeWalt DCD950KX

DeWalt DCD950KX comes with 18V battery, heavy-duty features and hammer function included. XRP is important in this configuration, same as patented 3 speed steel transmission, 22 clutch settings, strong 1/2" ratcheting chuck and high efficiency motor of 450 UVO. Tool is well balanced but heavy (6,25 lb), suitable for work on wide range of materials – from wood to concrete. The 360° side handle is in the box, yet, users state weight as the main con. The price for bare tool is $129 and $259 for kit, which consists of tool, one hour charger, handle, and battery.

Currently, there are 35+ DeWalt cordless drill models on the market, in three voltage ranges. Check their characteristics, solutions, and compare them with the other brands... There are good reasons to choose always-innovative DeWalt.

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