DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator Review

DeVilbiss oxygen concentrator expert review with pictures and videos. Explore features, pros and cons of DeVilbiss IGo travel oxygen concentrator. The company is among the leading manufacturers of respiratory medical products and products for oxygen therapy. DeVilbiss IGo, model 306DS, is the small, compact and high quality portable oxygen concentrator for home and mobile use. 

DeVilbiss IGo Features

DeVilbiss IGoDeVilbiss IGo

DeVilbiss oxygen concentrator for portable use is known as the mobile IGo model, a 3-liter medical device designed to provide oxygen in two modes - continuous flow with the 1 to 3 LPM dosage or pulse-dose delivery with settings 1 to 6.

With the integrated PulseDose oxygen conserving technology, DeVilbiss IGo model saves the energy and extends the use time, while keeping the efficiency and comfort at the high level.

Built-in oxygen sensing device (OSD) monitors oxygen purity and alerts if it fails below the acceptable level. It ensures that you will have an accurate oxygen delivery while the periodic maintenance is reduced.

Control panel

Control panel is conveniently located at the top of the model and features a set of buttons and lights, which are simple to understand and use.

If, for any reason there is a malfunction or power failure, low battery, low oxygen output, high temperature, no breath detected... there will be a visual led signal (e.g. light flashes, red light...) and audible alert.


DeVilbiss IGo offers an optional rolling carry case, for easy transport while keeping the lifestyle active and traveling convenient. The tubing or cannula is long enough; in continuous flow mode, you can use maximum length of 50 ft, or 35 ft in PulseDose mode, which eliminates the need to carry the unit close to your body.

DeVilbiss IGo is FAA approved, but always check for the specific airline.


With all three power options, portable DeVilbiss oxygen concentrator provides even more versatility. It can be plugged into the standard AC power outlet, DC supply or get the power from a rechargeable battery. Lithium Ion battery is charged by using AC (100V to 240V) or DC adapter, and it can last maximum 5.4 hours, in the PulseDose mode on setting 1. If for any reason the AC power is interrupted, DeVilbiss IGo will automatically switch to battery.


IGo DeVilbiss oxygen concentrator is small; dimensions are 15 x 11 x 8" and weight is 19 pounds with the battery.


 You can use DeVilbiss IGo portable oxygen concentrator up to the maximum altitude of 13,000 feet. IGo can be used with humidifier but only when using a continuous flow mode. Oxygen concentration is within the range from 88% to 94%. If looking for more information and reviews visit the official website and see the video on


If planning to buy DeVilbiss oxygen concentrator it will cost you approximately $3300, and it comes with the 3-year warranty. You can also rent one (some stores are renting DeVilbiss IGo for $250 per week).

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