Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner Review

Review of the best Delonghi portable air conditioners. Find the top portable AC from Delonghi Pinguino series with features, specifications and buying tips.

Air conditioning units, such as Delonghi portable air conditioner, are becoming highly needed in homes and offices because of their compact design and affordability. They are good alternatives for the bulky AC types, which are usually very exorbitant. Among the various brands, Delonghi portable AC units are very well known, especially in Europe. Several models are available in US and Canada as well.

These quality products for HVAC are coming from the famous Delonghi Company known for the manufacturing of quality Italian appliances, such as refrigerators, microwave and electric ovens, food processors, deep fryers and many others.

Delonghi company makes two types of the portable air conditioners; portable air-to-air and portable water-to-air models. Both types are known as Delonghi Pinguino series. 

Top Models

Delonghi Pinguino PAC A130HPE

Delonghi Pinguino PAC A130HPEDelonghi Pinguino PAC A130HPE

Delonghi portable air conditioner, PAC A130HPE stands out by its design and modern look, and according to the online reviews, is a very popular model.

Delonghi portable AC PAC A130HPE is one of the most advanced models that can be used year round. This 4-in-1 HVAC system is designed to cool in the summer and heat the room during the winter (thanks to the heat pump), while it dehumidifies and circulates the air also.

Delonghi Pinguino PAC A130HPE is the single-hose AC that has a cooling capacity of 13,000 BTU and heating power of 3810 Watts, making it perfect for room sizes up to 450 sq. ft. It's portable design allows you to use this small machine where you need it and when you need it.

Delonghi AC PAC A130HPE uses eco-friendly R410A refrigerant gas so it doesn't pollute the environment while keeping the unit efficient. High efficiency compressor is what makes this unit effective and with the low noise level.

And for those who hate removing the condensate water from the AC, Delonghi portable air conditioner comes with the patented drip-less system where the condensation is automatically recycled within the unit, so users don't have to empty the bucket.

The fan blows cool and hot air and can change the speed at your convenience; three fan speeds are available with additional auto fan function.

At the top of this Delonghi Pinguino unit, there is a control panel with the easy-to-read LCD display and intuitive electronic controls and 24-hr timer, plus the remote control for full feature access, distant monitor and control.

Strong and durable castor wheels and side handles allow this AC great portability, and easy move from one room to another. Installation is tool-less and fast; the window bracket and exhaust hose are included, which makes the installation a snap. Just move the AC close to the window, place the bracket inside, extend the hose through the window, connect it to the back of the unit and plug the cord into the electric outlet. It is ideal for homes and rooms where the window unit cannot be installed. 

Pros and Cons

As confirmed by many users, Delonghi Pinguino PAC A130HPE is easy to install, and within an hour you could feel the cooling power. Consumers are happy that Delonghi AC is portable so it can heat or cool any room inside house as long as it has the window for the exhaust. Maintaining the air conditioner is simple; filter is washable and you don't have to empty any water until the end of season. Filter is mainly for the dust and larger particles. The greatest features are the Boost Function, which is used to cool the room fast and the Smart Mode that saves the energy.

Comments on how Delonghi cools are mixed. There are some users that complained how AC could not lower the temperature to the desired, while others said they were OK with the power of the unit. In both cases, the unit was used for the room size less than 400 sq.ft. The users didn't like that the louvers are immovable, so you can't control the air flow direction. Noise level is on the negative side, especially if running the AC at full power. If you experience any problems with the AC, Delonghi is equipped with the Self Diagnosis System which identifies problems and makes the troubleshooting simple.

Based on over 30 user reviews, Delonghi portable AC PAC A130HPE is rated 3.5 out of 5 max; and it sells for approximately $580. 

Delonghi Pinguino PAC WE125

Delonghi Pinguino PAC WE125Delonghi Pinguino PAC WE125

Delonghi portable air conditioner PAC WE125 is water-to-air type that comes with the three mode; air conditioning, dehumidifying and fan. It is also equipped with the several, very useful features that save water, energy and increase the efficiency; WaterSave, Auto, Smart and Boost function.

Delonghi Pinguino PAC WE125 has maximum cooling power of 12,500 BTUs which is one of the most popular capacities. It uses the fan with three speeds and AutoFan option when the unit automatically selects the most suitable speed. If you switch to Boost mode will have a maximum fan speed while in Sleep function it will work with low fan speed.

Delonghi portable air conditioner PAC WE125 has a greater cooling effect than other types of ACs I have mentioned in the links below. The reason is that the heat is removed from the room through the cooling effect of the water. When PAC WE125 is operating in Water mode the efficiency is higher while the noise level and electrical consumption are reduced.

WaterSave function lets you operate the unit longer as the water usage is reduced, but the appliance is slightly less efficient. The unit normally operates for six hours but with this function it can run up to 10 hrs.

If for any reason there is no water for cooling, Delonghi Pinguino PAC WE125 automatically switches to air-to-air cooling and its cooling capacity is reduced to 10,500 BTUs. Super-Cool mode is available if there is water in the internal tank, and it provides hours of continuous cooling.

In contrast to the previous model, control panel with the LCD display is located at the front panel side while the louvers are more back. Full access to all the controls is through the remote control.

Delonghi portable air conditioner PAC WE125 sells for approximately $700.


Delonghi portable air conditioner comes from the famous Delonghi company, world known company located in Italy. Their portable ACs are not only efficient and reliable, but simple, as they use "plug and play" function and use stylish contemporary design. That is why Delonghi portable AC is ideal for any home.

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