Delonghi Dehumidifiers Review and How to choose the right model

A complete guide to choosing the right portable Delonghi dehumidifiers. Check out different models and its main similarities and benefits.

One of the most important ways for controlling the indoor mold is portable dehumidifiers, which work by reducing the humidity level in the environment. And also if you are keen on protecting the walls, building foundations, electronic equipment or even strings of the piano, then it will be just the perfect choice to opt for small and mobile dehumidifiers.

Exactly aimed at solving this common household problem, Delonghi has come up with different varieties of small dehumidifiers, which can definitely keep your house and other particulars completely free from any mold or moist. The complete humid air of the room will be drawn out with the help of these Delonghi appliances, which remove the moisture, so that water falls into the reservoir bucket, and the warm air of the room gets evaporated and released out from the room.

In this article we are going to check out different models according to their functionality, features and specifications. There are four models belonging to the range of mobile dehumidifiers which are namely: Pump System DD70PE, DD50PE, DD45PE and DD45E.

Similar Features

Delonghi DD70PEDelonghi DD70PE

Firstly, all the four models save a considerable amount of energy, and thus the Delonghi dehumidifiers can be said to be eco friendly to a good extent. The next factor that is common in all the four models is continuous discharge of moisture without emptying a bucket and the overall four units can pump water upwards for draining out a basement window within a sink. 

Another factor that is common is that you shall be able to select the humidity levels manually by selecting the most suitable one for you. The LCD electronic controls are also present in all models for convenient monitoring of the relative humidity and temperature. All the above dehumidifiers comprise of electronic anti frost device and also the room thermostat is present for all the devices. 

The refrigerant gas type is the same, R410A. The presence of Turbo function and visible water level are the other two features which are common for all models. The noise levels are almost the same with an average of 52-55 dB for every model; so no matter which particular model you choose, their noise level will remain at the same average. 


Considering the dissimilarities, the first thing that we need to mention is, the three models, namely, DD70PE, DD50PE and DD45PE comprise of three-way water drainage system, while the DD45E model offers a two-way water drainage system. The hose length is another major difference; the DD70PE has a hose length of 16 feet, while the other three mobile models have a hose length of 3 feet. The longer the hoses are, the more advantageous it becomes in the operation. 

The model DD45E is the lightest with a weight of 37.9 Lbs which makes it much more convenient to carry, even though these are also quite portable; the heaviest model is DD70PE which is 46.3 Lbs. But the advantage of this one is it offers a three way drainage system. Considering the efficiency or moisture removal capacity, the DD70PE range of Delonghi dehumidifiers offer maximum capacity with 70 pints per 24 hours, followed by DD50PE with a capacity of 50 pints in 24 hours and the other two models DD45PE and DD45E offers a capacity of 45 pints in 24hours both. 

The price of DD70PE is around $350, while others are in the range from $240 to $300. 


Considering the overall similarities and dissimilarities, it must be mentioned that the model DD70PE will be the most efficient one with the three-way drainage system, average noise intensity and also the moisture removal capacity of this model is also more than any other models. If you are looking for a good quality portable dehumidifier, then this is definitely a good choice.

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