Best Cordless Grass Trimmers
Review and Buying Tips

Best cordless grass trimmers review and buying guide and what features to select. Best cordless grass trimmers are ones that have enough power, long lasting battery, functional lightweight design and safety features. Grass trimmers (also known as string trimmers, “weed eaters” and strimmers) are garden tools which have evolved in recent years. They come with many options, brand names, and models.

In this short buying guide, we are going to review what features are important to look for if you want to purchase cordless grass trimmer.

As an introduction, mention that string trimmer uses a line for cutting grass. There are three types of grass trimmers on the market: electric, gas and cordless trimmers. All three are popular because of their convenience for users. With an appropriate model, you could maintain your lawn easily, including the areas a lawn mower can’t reach.

Why to buy cordless trimmer and not gas, or electric? Well, each type has its pros and cons. Compared with the other two, cordless trimmers are easier to move and operate, they are quieter and more lightweight than gas models. Be aware about the cons, too – cordless grass trimmers are usually less powerful, and battery run time is limiting factor. This is why it is important to consider different models of cordless “weed eaters” and choose carefully.

Here are some of the major features you should look for before buying a trimmer.

Popular models

What to look for in cordless grass trimmers

Grass TrimmerGrass Trimmer

Battery voltage and battery life

Battery voltage is the power of the cordless tool. You will find models of cordless grass trimmers equipped with 12V to 40V batteries. Choose one according to your needs, for your yard size so it can last until the work is done. Lithium-ion battery today is standard, so be sure that this type of battery is inside as the cheaper model will carry NiMH which lasts shorter. Roughly, for a lawn up to 1/3 acre 18V trimmer will be good enough, 24V tool would be a choice for lawn up to 2/3 acre and models that are more powerful fit better for up to 1-acre yard.

Check battery life and charger specification. Battery with higher Ah number means longer runtime and extra power; charger commonly takes 30 minutes to two hours to recharge battery and fast charger is a plus. If you have the other power tools from the same manufacturer, check interchangeability of the battery.


Trimmer speed is measured in RPM (revolution per minute). Some models offer different speed regimes and variable speed trigger, which allow you to match speed to grass condition.

Cutting path diameter 

Cutting path diameter (or string cutting path, or cutting swath) is shown in inches (North American market. The average diameter is 13”. Smaller path is better for tight spaces, but, again, your decision will depend on your yard configuration.

String feed features

There are two systems of string feeding – bump feed and automatic feed. The automatic system delivers line without interrupting the job. It is important to check is it easy to replace the line. Some trimmers offer fast loading spools. There is also a dual trim line as an option.

Weight, balance

Weight and balance are among the most important features of cordless grass trimmers. Keep in mind that you will bear the full weight of the tool during the grass cutting. If you have decided to order trimmer online, go to store and take same model in hands. Motor may be positioned near the cutting head or top-mounted, affecting the balance, and some models offer shoulder harness/strap, but it depends on your height and strength which one would be the most convenient.

Tool shape

Cordless grass trimmers have three parts that form its shape – handle, shaft, and cutting head. Handle may be adjustable, shaft is designed as straight or curved, and head may be fixed or pivot. Taken together, all of them determine comfort of use.


For your protection, some models are equipped with the shield and trigger lock. Plant guard is useful feature, too. However, flying debris such as rocks can be dangerous. Follow the safety instructions and wear protective clothing and safety glasses.

Other options

Some models may be converted to edger, or be capable to accept different attachment for the other tasks (pole pruning, hedge trimming...)

The most popular brands of the string trimmers are Ryobi, Worx, Black and Decker, DeWalt... An average price range is $60 – $200.

To conclude – when considering which cordless grass trimmer is good for your yard, beside the string trimmer specification think about weight and comfort of use. If a light duty trimmer equipped with Li-ion battery is good enough, there is no need for expensive, more powerful, and heavier professional grass trimmer model.

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