Best Cordless Grass Trimmers
Review and Buying Tips

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How to choose the best cordless grass trimmer to trim the edges of your lawn. Check out the battery-operated string trimmers' buying guide and a review of the popular models to buy. Explore features to look for and benefits.

Best cordless grass trimmers are powerful, utilize a long-lasting battery or gas engine, have functional lightweight design, a variety of accessories, and safety features.

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Types of grass trimmers

Grass trimmers, also known as string trimmers, weed eaters, and strimmers, are popular garden tools that have evolved substantially in recent years. They come with many options, brand names, and models.

They can trim grass and weeds, cut bushes, and make the perfect edge on your lawn.

There are two main categories of grass trimmers; corded and cordless.

Cordless trimmers are great to have because they are portable, rechargeable, fully mobile, easy to carry and store, convenient to use, and allow you to tackle hard to reach spots on your lawn and where your lawnmower cannot access.

Depending on the power source, string grass trimmers can be powered by electricity, gas, or battery, all of them using a line (string) to cut the grass. Gas-powered and battery-operated are both portable and cordless, while the electric ones are corded.

Electric trimmers

Electric grass trimmers run on electricity and require a power cord that plugs into an electrical outlet. This type is also the cheapest, and the main advantage is that they can run indefinitely without any disruptions. They do not require gas or oil. The main disadvantage of the corded models is that they restrict your range of motion.

Gas trimmers

Gas trimmers are designed to use two or four-cycle engines and can run indefinitely, as long as you keep adding gasoline. They are powerful but loud and are the best choice for large lawns.

Battery-powered trimmers

With the improved battery technology, especially lithium-ion, battery-operated trimmers are becoming more and more popular. They are the favorite type of many homeowners because of its portable design, rechargeable batteries that are interchangeable with other power tools, freedom to use them anywhere and anytime, can easily handle even bigger jobs, and are clean -  no gas odor and spills.

They are as powerful as gas trimmers, very quiet, and start instantly, which is not the case with the gas type.

What to look for in cordless grass trimmers

Battery types, voltage, and battery life

Battery voltage gives the power to cordless tools. You will find models of cordless grass trimmers equipped with batteries with different voltages. Choose one according to your needs, for your yard size so it can last until the work is done.

There are two types of rechargeable batteries available for your trimmer; lithium-ion and Ni-Cad.

Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight; they offer better performance; the power is consistent throughout the entire cycle, it lasts longer and can be recharged more. These are available in several voltages, ranging from 18 volts to over 80 volts.

Trimmers with the Ni-Cad batteries are also available but rarely. This type is heavier than the Li-ion type, and they lose power and performance as they approach the end of its charge.

For lawns with an area of up to 1/3 acre recommendation is to use the trimmer with 20-40 volts, while for lawns with an area of up to one acre, choose a stronger model (40-80 volts).

Either battery type you use, make sure to have the backup battery to avoid interruptions.

Check the battery life and charger specifications. A battery with a higher Ah number means longer runtime and extra power. It takes approximately 30 minutes to two hours for the charger to recharge the battery. If you can, get the fast charger, to shorten the time. If you have other power tools from the same manufacturer, check if the battery is interchangeable.


Trimmer speed is measured in RPM (revolution per minute). Some models offer different speed regimes and variable speed triggers, which allow you to match the speed to the grass conditions.

Cutting path diameter 

Cutting path diameter (or string cutting path, or cutting swath) is shown in inches (North American market). The average diameter is 13” and is recommended for light and moderate use. A smaller path is better for tight spaces, but, again, your decision will depend on your yard configuration.

String feed features

There are two systems of string feeding – the bump feed and automatic feed. The automatic system delivers a line without interrupting the job. It is important to check is it easy to replace the line. Some trimmers offer fast loading spools. There is also a dual trim line as an option.

Weight and balance

Weight and balance are among the most important features of cordless grass trimmers. Keep in mind that you will bear the full weight of the tool during the grass cutting. If you have decided to order a trimmer online, go to the store and take the same model in hands. A motor may be positioned near the cutting head or top-mounted, affecting the balance. Some models offer a shoulder harness/strap, but it depends on your height and strength, which one would be the most convenient.

Tool shape and types of trimmer shafts

Cordless grass trimmers have three parts that form its shape – a handle, shaft, and cutting head. Handles may be adjustable, shafts are designed as straight or curved, and cutting heads may be fixed or pivot.

Trimmers with the straight shaft are the most common since they are recommended for tight spaces and hard to reach corners. Even better ones are those with the telescopic shaft so you can adjust its length.

Trimmers with the curved shaft are ideal for trimming grass in open areas.


For your protection, some models are equipped with a shield and trigger lock. The plant guard is a useful feature, too. However, flying debris such as rocks can be dangerous. Follow the safety instructions and wear protective clothing and safety glasses.

Other options (accessories)

Some models may be converted to the edger and accept different attachments for other tasks (pole pruning, hedge trimming, pole saw, edger, and others).

Top sellers

Popular brands

  • Stihl
  • Toro
  • Husqvarna
  • MTD
  • Worx
  • Black and Decker


When considering which cordless grass trimmer is good for your yard, besides the specifications, think about the weight and comfort of use.

Grass trimmers with the Li-ion battery are cordless and portable, easy to move and operate, quiet, and lightweight, which makes them ideal if you are working in tight spaces and want to move freely.

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