How to Choose the Perfect Cordless Circular Saws – A Buying Guide

The cordless circular saws are tools that every handymen, contractor and professional needs (such as carpenters)... no cords to get twisted or jammed, handheld and portable design for the offsite work when the electricity is not available, battery operated... a perfect solution for your problem. These circular saws are equipped with proper blades and these are capable of cutting through the different materials starting from masonry, steel, wood, plywood and ceramic tiles. Its versatility allows crosscuts, bevel cuts and ripping through the wood.

In this article we are going to present you with different facts that need to be checked out to buy the best circular saw.

While buying handheld circular saws, it is really essential to check out the design variations. There are actually two specific design variations. One is known as the in-line saws that are traditional saws. The in-line saws will be really advantageous for you if you are looking for circular cuts and it is also very common. The next is the worm drive saws that have motor housings– this is really effective for heavy duty usage. Having the best circular saw is really advantageous for you if you are working in such areas that do not have the capacity for providing extension cords or much of electrical power source is not available for running these devices. 

Cordless Circular SawCordless Circular Saw

Features and Benefits

The cordless saws are small in size and also portable which make them easy to use and carry for long distances. They can be used really well even in the confined spaces. For the wooden products it is definitely best for using cordless circular saws due to limitation of batteries. It needs to be remembered that these saws can cut through any materials, be it steel or wood or masonry; but in case of heavy metals, additional amount of power is necessary. So in most cases it is used for cutting the wooden products. Considering the blades, you need to know the following tips. 

Steel blades: These blades are quite less expensive and are very much suitable for cutting softwoods; but for hardwood, it is better to use the following varieties. 

High speed steel blades: These are harder than the steel blades and also they stay sharper for a long period of time than any steel blades and make for the best circular saw. 

Carbide blades: The major advantage of these blades is, at the tip of the blades, carbides are attached in these cordless circular saws which makes cutting much more smooth. They are very much expensive than any other blades and at the same time they stay sharp for a much longer period than the steel blade or the high speed steel blades, making them worth the buy.

Tile cutting blades: These blades of cordless circular saws are specifically designed for cutting the tile or ceramic products. Highly expensive and better tile cutting blades incorporate diamond tipped blades. As we know, diamond is the hardest of all materials present on earth. It is really effective for cutting high tensile metals and undoubtedly offers the best circular saw. 

Masonry blades: These blades are specifically prepared from abrasive materials for the cutting of brick, concrete, cinder block and many other materials.

Next to consider is the battery type. The most efficient and popular are brushless 18V and 20-volt lithium battery-operated saws. Look also for the high performance, fan cooled motor and higher RPM for the more aggressive and long lasting cutting.

Cordless circular saws might use smaller blade size than the corded ones resulting in reduced material thickness they can cut. These tools typically range in size from 5 3/8" to 6 1/2".

Popular Manufacturers

  • Black & Decker
  • Bosch
  • Dewalt
  • Hitachi
  • Milwaukee
  • Porter-Cable
  • Ryobi


Considering the overall features and advantages of cordless circular saws, it can definitely be said that the blade capacity is the most important functional part of cordless circular saws. The other features include electric brakes, spindle shafts or the shaft locks. The electric brake stops the blade momentum, allows more accurate cuts and improves safety, while the shaft locks make it easier for changing the saw blades. For buying the best circular saw, you can also check out the other features like the bevel capacity which indicates the maximum bevel cut and bevel stops, which make quick adjustments and also incorporate laser guides.

The warranty on most cordless saws is 3 years.

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