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My name is Zeljko or Zee. This is how friends used to call me in Serbia, and now in Canada where I live with my beautiful wife and two lovely boys.

I am Mechanical Engineer by profession, specialized in heating, ventilating and air conditioning - HVAC. I have spent several years in my working life, in the gas industry, working on gas combi boilers, water heaters and gas burners for residential and commercial applications, for home heating and hot water heating and preparation.

I also like writing about different topics; travel, HVAC related topics... was made because portables products are becoming more and more important in our busy lives; they are small, lightweight, handy, convenient, mobile, easy to carry... and there were not many websites covering this topic.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or would like to participate in reviews, share your story, your problem, or to help others, be free to use the form below.

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