Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE
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Explore Coleman Roadtrip grill LXE and find detailed review, features, pros and cons. See why LXE portable model is perfect for camping, tailgating, RVing, outdoor, patio and backyard grilling.


Coleman Roadtrip LXEColeman Roadtrip LXE

Coleman Roadtrip LXE grill model is one of the highest rated portable gas grills on Coleman Roadtrip grill has been rated with four stars of five max., based on over 100 online reviews.

The grill is designed to offer generous 285 sq. in. cooking area with options to cook different kind of food. It comes equipped with two durable and heavy duty cast-iron grill grates, porcelain enameled for cleaning convenience. Sold separately, you can buy and use different removable surfaces like griddle and chrome-plated steel stovetop. Below the grill surface is the removable grease tray to collect the grease that can slide out for convenient cleaning.

Powerful and fully adjustable 20,000 Btus stainless steel burners are capable to work in colder weather, and even if camping high in the mountains. Constant cooking performance is achieved by employing the both burners. As the standard propane tank size used on Coleman Roadtrip LXE model is 16.4 oz, which is not included in the purchase, you can enjoy the grilling experience somewhere between one and four and a half hours, depending on are you cooking on the high or low settings.

Great things about Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE are its portability; it can fold to compact size with easy to pull towing handle and wheels for maneuvering, very useful sliding side trays and tool holder for food preparation and grilling tools. This is what allows this Coleman grill easy transport and fast setup, so it can be used as the portable tailgate or camping gas grill.

Lighting the fire is simple; it uses the electronic ignitions with push of a button. Once the fire is up you can adjust the temperature on either burner by using the independent control knobs located on the front panel for convenient manipulation.

The approximate price is from $160 to $200, but I recommend checking the online and offline stores for the latest deals. If planning to use this Coleman propane grill for larger group of people, buy a 20 lb propane tank and tank hose so it can last longer and reduce your expenses. Coleman Roadtrip grill LXE model comes with the 5-year warranty.

Pros and Cons

Coleman Roadtrip grill as the portable gas grill has many advantages and disadvantages that were found when reviewing this grill, but lets look at what other consumers have to say about this grill.


  • Coleman LXE grill is very simple to assemble (it takes up to half an hour max.), where manufacturer instructions are concise and easy to understand.

  • The grill folds flat so it packs up nice and it allows easy travel.

  • Decent grill adjustable power is great for searing steaks.

  • The grill marks, the taste and the flavor are great.

  • The grill cools down very quickly.

  • Large grilling surface for many consumers.

  • The grill is versatile and cooking surface is removable; you can mix and match grill, griddle and stove for cooking with pots, which gives your cooking more flexibility.

  • The grill came out of the box almost complete. Just put the wheels on, attach the handle and the regulator and you're good to bbq.

  • Coleman LXE portable grill cooks very nicely and efficiently and has an excellent heat control.

  • The cover comes off easily to accommodate oversize pots and kettles.

  • Coleman Roadtrip LXE grill is excellent for camping and tailgating.


  • Open-style grates lets dripping through, which adds to the messy cleanup. More reviewers said that cleaning is easy and dripping pan is very handy.

  • Hard to find fine prints in the back says that you cannot grill with the cover down. It should be mentioned in the grill instructions. Several consumers had the grill handle melted.

  • As you cannot use the grill cover in a down position, it takes longer to cook and there is a higher propane gas usage.

  • Gas tube that goes from the flame control knob to the burner is not properly designed allowing the flame to be unstable, low while propane gas is leaking.

  • It is difficult to level the grill, and it can be dangerous if you try to move it on uneven ground while cooking.

  • Even with the lid locked cooking plates can fall out while rolling the grill. The latch is loose so the lid doesn't lock properly.

  • Collapsible legs cannot be locked in and are easily dislodged.

  • Some food can stick to the grilling surface.

  • Even with the large grilling surface, rounded cover limits the amount of food you can put on this portable grill.

  • Cast iron grill surface is very hard to clean, and you have to unscrew the reflector plate to clean under it.

  • Side plastic tables, if not fully extended when in use, can melt, as the grill can get very hot quickly.


Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE is solidly built, truly portable grill that can deliver exceptional performance for a long time as long as you are maintaining it properly and regularly. It has a sturdy metal construction, powerful burners, and durable, versatility cooking area that can convert to a griddle or stovetop; it can be used for outdoor and home cooking, and all of that for an affordable price.

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