Coleman Portable Gas Grill
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Coleman portable gas grill detailed review, features and grill accessories, pros and cons; including popular Coleman Roadtrip Grill, LXE, table top, portable tailgate grills and camp propane models.

There are three portable propane grill series from Coleman that are the most popular: Coleman Roadtrip grill series, Coleman Fold and Go grill and stainless steel portable grills.

Coleman Portable Gas Grill - Roadtrip series

Coleman Roadtrip grill series is comprised of several portable gas grills, different in quality and features they have to offer:

  • Coleman portable gas grill Roadtrip LXE

  • Coleman gas grill Roadtrip LX model

  • Roadtrip Pro SS Grill model

  • Roadtrip Pro Grill model

  • Roadtrip LE model

  • Paul Jr. Designs Coleman Roadtrip Grill

Every Coleman portable gas grill from the Roadtrip series has the following features and accessories which are common: they are portable and easy to transport to any location; all of them operate on 16.4 oz. propane tank with an option to use 20 lb propane tank with the purchase of the gas adapter and the hose. Every Coleman gas grill, from the Roadtrip series, has two fully adjustable burners and are designed to provide an open-flame and drip-through grilling.

Standard accessories are the tool holders built into the detachable side shelves for easy use, removable and simple to clean grease tray to collect grill drippings and InstaStart push button ignition for simple, matchless lighting.

Below are the main differences among the Coleman Roadtrip grills:

Roadtrip LXE model has two burners that are generating 20,000 Btus by using two stainless steel burners.

Grilling grates are made of the high quality porcelain coated cast iron with the total cooking area of 285 sq. in.

Roadtrip LXERoadtrip LXE

Roadtrip LX model is the two-burner Coleman portable gas grill that can produce 20,000 Btus and has the same cooking area as the LXE model, but the grates are made of lighter and less durable aluminum.

Contrary to LXE model, this unit has folding legs with no wheels and still with the side shelves. It can be used with a stand or as the table top grill.

The grill is a bit more expensive, you can buy one for approx. $ 220, and it comes with the 5-year warranty.

Roadtrip LXRoadtrip LX
Roadtrip Pro SSRoadtrip Pro SS

Roadtrip Pro SS and Roadtrip Pro Grill models are producing great 24,000 Btus which is the highest power of all Coleman Roadtrip portable gas grills.

They have two burners also, which are capable of cooking even more food, as the grates are designed to provide the large 345 sq. in. in cooking area, made of steel and porcelain coated. The cover is made of the high quality stainless steel, with die-cast aluminum end caps.

The legs are scissor-shaped with a lift stand and the wheels and side shelves. They are the most expensive; you can buy Pro models for $240 and SS model for $260 with the warranty of three years.

Roadtrip LERoadtrip LE

Coleman Roadtrip LE model is the gas grill with 16,000 Btus "only" and instead of two grates it has one-piece porcelain steel.

Legs are detachable, there are no wheels, and you can use this grill with a stand or as the table top portable grill.

This is the cheapest of all Roadtrip models; it costs $160, and it comes with the limited warranty of five years.

Paul Jr. DesignPaul Jr. Design

Paul Jr. Designs Coleman Roadtrip Grill is beautifully designed portable gas grill that incorporates chrome knobs and tool hooks, diamond plate side tables and integrated thermometer for better grilling control.

This model is also equipped with the above accessories, it has 285 sq. in. cooking area split on two grill grates and provides a heat of 22,000 Btus with the two adjustable burners.

Stainless Steel Portable Grill from Coleman

Stainless steel portable grills are made for longer grill life. Coleman offers two SS models; Shoreside and Master Mariner, 2-burner portable gas grills. All the grilling components and the case are made of the rust resistant 304 stainless steel.

Master MarinerMaster Mariner

Master Mariner model has two independent and adjustable cooking zones, and the total power the grill generates is 12,500 Btus. The grill is fired by the built-in ignition system in each knob.

This portable grill is equipped with the 240 sq. in. in the cooking area and another 100 in warming rack. For better control of the temperature inside the grilling space, there is a temperature gauge, built into the lid.

As the previous Coleman portable gas grill models, stainless steel models are also using easy-to-find 16.4 oz propane tank and are equipped with the grease tray for simple cleaning. When you buy this grill, you will get the leg kit so you can use it as the table top portable grill. Its approximate price is $500.

Coleman's Shorside model is also 2-burner adjustable grill that provides a total of 10,000 Btus for grilling of 200 sq. in. area. Its price is approximately $350.

Coleman Portable Grill - Fold and Go series

Coleman Fold and GoFold and Go

If you need a gas grill, just to pick it up and go for your favorite game, with your buddies, or one night camping, Coleman Fold and Go portable grill is made for that. Two tailgate portable grill models are available, both compact and lightweight that can feed up to six people without waiting.

Stainless steel burner is capable of producing 6,000 Btus and is using widely used 16.4 oz propane tank, which is enough to operate for 3.5 h.

Both grills are equipped with the removable porcelain enameled cooking grates, removable grease tray, PerfectFlow pressure control system to provide a constant and even heat and with a PerfectHeat design it provides an optimal cooking performance.

InstaStart Fold and Go model is designed to provide easy lighting with a push of a button ignition system, and that is the main difference between these two models.

If the above grills are too expensive for you, don't worry, you can still buy one Coleman portable gas grill without paying too much money. For approximately $45 you can buy a Roadtrip Party Grill with the 8,000 Btus or Perfectflow Coleman camp grill with 11,000 Btus and 180 sq. in. in grilling area, for $60.


Either you are buying Coleman Fold and Go grill, Coleman Roadtrip grill, stainless steel, Coleman table top grill or for tailgate party, camping, picnic, outdoor or home, this popular brand is there for you. These propane gas grills are made to travel as they are lightweight and tough, portable and very handy to use. You don't have to stay at home to prepare the great meal, now with the Coleman portable gas grill you can have very tasty outdoor grilling experience.

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