Best Coby Portable DVD Player Review

Finding the best Coby portable DVD player. Here is the selection of the top 3 selling and rated portable DVDs from Coby, with its features and user pros and cons.

Coby TFDVD7052 Review

Coby TFDVD7052Coby TFDVD7052

Coby TFDVD7052 model is a portable tablet style player that can be used almost anywhere and anytime. You can watch movies, photos or listen to the music at your home, in your car or while traveling by the plane.

Coby portable DVD player features one of the most popular 7-inch widescreen TFT LCD screen sizes. The screen has the standard resolution of 480 x 234 that provides a good picture quality, visible from different viewing angles even in the bright sunlight. This unit is versatile, it supports NTSC and Pal systems, and can read a variety of disc types such as DVD, CD, both R and RW and MP3 from CD.

Coby TFDVD7052 DVD comes with the two corded sets of headphones so both of your kids in the back seat of your car can watch the favorite movie or listen to the CD without disturbing you and other passengers. This Coby portable DVD player is equipped with the headrest mounting bag, which is part of the convenient car kit, such as the DC charger, making it very easy to install.

A/V input jack allows even more entertainment with your new toy as you can do plug and play video games or camcorder for home videos, while A/V output allows you to plug this portable DVD player into the home theater and HD TV. DVD's rechargeable battery will last over 2 hours, very convenient where the power outlet is not available, if traveling by the plane, bus, or if waiting for the appointment at the doctor's offices.

Over 80 users rated this Coby portable DVD player with 4 stars, out of 5 max. The quality of the DVD is on par with the more costly models, while the price is much more attractive. This model will cost you approximately $80, which is very affordable even for budget oriented families.

According to the online reviews, this small and compact DVD player provides a good sound from its built-in speakers and the picture is much better than expected since it uses the low resolution screen (some pixelation reported). As it is built as the tablet type, it uses less space on the headrest and is very convenient to carry.

There are several complaints about this Coby portable DVD player and the main drawbacks are: inconvenience to change the disc as you have to take the whole unit out from its headrest mounting case; the DVD doesn't play DivX and MPEG4 videos and when playing movies you cannot control the volume through the remote control.

Coby TF-DVD7377 Review

Coby TF-DVD 7377Coby TF-DVD 7377

Coby TF-DVD 7377 is another 7 inch portable DVD player that is highly rated. Over 140 users on rated this Coby portable DVD player 3.7 out 5 max. and over 45 reviews have been found on Buzzillions that rated this model 4.0 out of 5 max.

This is another very affordable unit with decent quality and features; it sells for approximately $80.

Coby TF-DVD 7377, as the previous small DVD model reviewed, is compatible with most DVDs and CDs. The difference is that this unit can play DiVX and MPEG-4 files and also audio, video and photo files directly from SD card or USB. The screen size is the same as the previous model, 7" with the 480 x 234 resolution, but it has the advantage as the screen is swivel allowing 180 degree rotation.

Consumers were happy with the option that they can use USB or SD cards, which save the battery and if the DVD player doesn't recognize the disks, they can use them instead. The only thing you have to do is to load up a bunch of kids' movies, and you are good to go. Coby portable DVD player runs Divx and DVDs from different regions, and these are the most praised features, but there are other users who experienced that the player cannot recognize the disc; DVD freezes during play or it takes too long to load.

The affordable price and the features you are getting when comparing to the well-known brand names are the reasons why Coby DVD 7377 is popular. Reviews for the picture and sound quality are satisfactorily keeping in mind that portable DVDs are mainly used to keep the kids and older entertained while on the road or waiting. As noted, quality of the picture decreases if trying to play high quality AVI files. Swivel screen and dual headphone jacks bring even more flexibility to this unit.

It is a little worrying for some consumers as the DVD player gets hot when running or charging the battery. Having an option to watch the DVD anywhere is very convenient, but as the battery lasts little over 2 hours, some users find it hard to buy a second battery.

Coby portable DVD player according to some reviews might have cheap plastic components and flimsy parts but the overall conclusion is that it still provides decent picture and sound quality, is compact, easy to use and with useful features - good product for the money.

Coby TF-DVD7107 Review

Coby TF-DVD7107Coby TF-DVD7107

Model TF-DVD7107 is one of the best selling portable DVDs from Coby. Based on over 190 reviews it has collected 3.5 stars on Amazon and 4.1 stars from around 30 shoppers on

Coby DVD7107 comes with the standard features as the above mentioned; it reads DVDs and CDs, MP3, has input and output jacks for video games, TV, VCR and other AV sources, with the addition of the on-screen display, slow and fast motion play and zoom operation. Keep in mind that it doesn't support Divx and Mp4 files.

According to many reviews, 7" widescreen screen and 16:9 ratio make the picture sharp and clear with vibrant colors, where the wide viewing angle combined with the provide headphones makes it perfect for two kids sitting in the back of the car seat. The unit has drawbacks as other models, but the most praised is the value you get for the money you pay.


If you are looking for a good and solid DVD for car, plane or bus travel to keep you or your kids entertained, and with the affordable price, Coby portable DVD player is what you should consider. Coby DVD offers most of the features, such as using the different disc types, media formats, as the more popular brands but for much less money. If interested in buying Coby dual screen, 8.5", 9" or 10 inch DVD, or you need spare batteries, check out one of the largest online stores

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