Clark Jungle Hammock Review

Clark Jungle hammock expert review with pictures and videos. Explore Clark hammocks, models, features, pros and cons.

Production of Clark hammocks dates back to the 60's, when Gary Clark produced the first light-weight camping hammock - shelter, for outdoor use. Since then all hammocks are produced in US, and sold directly from Salt Lake City.

All these years Clark hammocks are known for durability and functionality. Clark Jungle hammock is ideal for camping and hiking, it is designed ultra light for easy carrying but strong, it is untippable and stable, and the shelter-like features protect the user against insects, wind, snow and rain.

Clark Jungle hammock features

Clark hammocks are made of the high quality materials for the "lifetime use" and provide some great features that are needed in your outdoor adventure, even for places like the jungle.

Clark Jungle hammock is made of layers and high quality fabric. Thanks to the rain fly, bug netting and WeatherShield feature, Clark hammocks very easily transform into the tent, for a full comfort and protection. Detachable waterproof rain fly and the mosquito netting are standard features on all models.

During the winter time, models like North American are equipped with the insulated breathable and deployable shield, called WeatherShield, which allows you to enclose the hammock. This great feature keeps you warm inside, and protects you from different weather conditions such as wind, rain or snow. It comes optional on other models except the model UltraLight.

As other manufacturers, Clark hammock offers the open concept for the full outdoor experience, but it can be covered with the mosquito netting, made of the stretchable nylon for easy setup and protection. Netting uses zippers on both sides so you can exit or enter the hammock on each side.

Clark Jungle hammock features also hanging pockets, up to six of them, located below the hammock that will provide you with some additional storage for your camping gear and personal belongings. Some models are providing pockets inside the hammock also.

Insulating pocket system is another Clark's patented feature that eliminates the need for insulating pads, and is keeping you warm and protected from cold weather.

Hanging a hammock is easy and safe on trees; Clark uses a very strong, polypropylene rope. This material is not only strong; it is water repellent and has a slick texture which helps you untie your knot easily.

You can also buy additions such as the extra-large rain fly, camouflaging and tree straps. Z-liner allows you to make a comfortable bed within your hammock, for temperatures lower than 32 F. It is made of the high quality insulation, delivers high thermal efficiency, and it fits all hammocks built for four season application.

Clark hammock models


North American model is the top Clark's hammock, made and used for all four seasons and climate regions. This Clark jungle hammock is the most versatile hammock that can be safely and comfortably used for camping during the hot, humid summer, rainy fall or cold winter time.

It is built lightweight, approximately 3 pounds, and it can withstand the maximum weight of up to 700 pounds. Breathable WeatherShield is included in your purchase, and it also offers a maximum number of pockets; six pockets under the hammock and two inside the hammock.

Clark's Tropical 2 model is designed as truly jungle hammock; built mainly for tropical environment with hot and humid weather conditions.

Tropical 2 hammock is made of the breathable material for greater air circulation and has a mosquito-proof bed, four pockets outside and two inside for storage, and additional features such as the nylon hood and the protective flaps; making it great shelter from jungle spiders and bugs.

During the rainy days, a nylon rain fly can be raised over the head of the hammock to stay dry.

With 2 lbs 11.5 oz, it is slightly lighter than NA model, and it can withstand the same maximum capacity of 700 pounds.

Clark Jungle hammock, TX-200 is built the same as Tropical 2 model, but it is 12" longer and 6" wider and therefore, more comfortable but expensive.

It is mainly designed for tropical environments and with an optional feature WeatherShield, can completely enclose the hammock for additional protection.

For hikers, looking for the light hammocks, Clark's Ultralight model is perfect. It weighs 2 lbs 9 oz only, and it can support maximum load of up to 600 pounds. It can be used for all seasons except winter.

With less weight come reduced number of features; it has only two pockets, located underneath the hammock for storing the camping gear. If looking for the cheapest and lightest Clark Jungle hammock, this is the one.

VERTEX Jungle hammock is the most expensive Clark's hammock. With two separate 100% mosquito-proof hammock beds, it is designed for two people comfortable sleeping. The hammock also provides a lot of storage between beds and four pockets for camping gear.

With the VERTEX model comes the largest rain fly also, WeatherShield is optional. With all these features and additional flexible fiberglass pole, it weighs 5 lbs. 13 oz, which is the heaviest but the most comfortable of all Clark's models.

CAMO hammocks are hammocks with the camouflage design and you can find several types available:

  • CAMO North American
  • CAMO NX-150
  • CAMO NX-200
  • CAMO NX-250
  • CAMO Tropical 2
  • CAMO TX-200
  • CAMO UltraLight
  • CAMO VERTEX with and without WeatherShield

For more information and user reviews visit Clark Jungle manufacturer or watch video on YouTube (pictures are courtesy of Clark Jungle website).


As you can see there are a variety of hammocks offered by Clark manufacturer. Buy a Clark Jungle hammock based on the location and climate where you gonna use it, available features and off course your budget.

If planning to use a portable hammock for all four seasons, winter included, then North American, NX-200, NX-150 and NX-250 models are perfect for that. If hiking and need something really light, then Ultralight model is for you. If you are camping and need a two-person hammock, then you should buy a Clark's Vertex model.

Either one you purchase, you will have a product that is made of the high quality materials with a design that provides a comfortable sleep, stability even during the high wind conditions, weather resistance, bug protection, simple setup and portability for easy carrying.

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