Champion Portable Generator Review

Champion portable generator types with the best features. Review of the top selling Champion RV generator.

These generators are designed and manufactured by Champion Power Equipment company, a US company, that was established in 2003.

There are many good brands of portable generators on the market today and all of them provide a power on demand and wherever you like. You will find popular brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Generac, Briggs and Stratton with variety of models, sizes and prices.

This is not just another name in generator industry. These are good quality, highly respected devices for generating electricity, that you can find in almost every bigger store such as Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, Lowe's, Canadian Tire, Amazon... because they are popular and wanted. And, they cost less than many of the popular brands.

Portable generator is one of the Champion's main products. They also specialize in transfer pumps, pressure washers, log splitters, winches and other equipment.


The company sells variety of types, models, and sizes, including popular 3500 and 4000 W.

Champion portable generator runs on gas or propane (LPG) with or without electric start, and can be used at home, to power up household appliances during the power outage; outdoors for camping, tailgating and at the construction site to power tools, for example.

Based on the power and the application where it is used, there are four groups:

  • Light duty generators - are used for power loads between 1000W and 1900W, or between 8 and 15 Amps. The most common application is light duty use, such as small electronics and lighting at home. Champion portable generator for light duty use utilizes one of the two types of engines: 64 cc 2-stroke CPE or 80 cc OHV CPE. With the installed handle on the top and lightweight construction, somewhere between 45 and 62 pounds, you can carry them anywhere - very portable units. All of them are using gasoline.

  • Recreational generators - are designed for loads up to 4000W. These generators are mainly for homes and for recreational vehicles, RVs. They support 120v and 120/240v. This is the biggest and most versatile group that contains portable gas generators, LPG powered and Inverters for different power demand. The most used engine is 196cc OHV CPE. The weight goes from 44 to 118 lbs, and some generators are built with wheels and handles, while others are standing freely on the frame/base.

Not all of Champion RV generators are gas powered. There are two LPG powered models; model 70009 with 2200W/1900W power and model 70008 with 4200W/3500W power, which are using 163 and 338 cc OHV CPE engines.

  • Medium duty generators - are constructed for loads up to 5500W and 120 or 240 volts electricity. All the models are designed with the gasoline engines sizes of 270 cc OHV CPE, 337 and 338cc OHV CPE. There is only one portable propane generator, model ETL70007 that utilize 389 cc OHV CPE engine. All models, due to its heavier weights are equipped with the two wheels and handles for mobility.

  • Heavy duty generators - are designed for loads up to 7200W and 120 or 240 volts electricity. They are using gasoline engines 389 cc OHV CPE or 439 cc OHV CPE, while model C71350E is the only one that uses a 389cc OHV LPG powered engine.

To find out which Champion portable generator is EPA, CSA and CARB certified, detail specs and features visit manufacturer website here.


Champion generator 46534Champion generator 46534

Champion portable generator, model 46534 is a gasoline engine driven, AC generator, that provides 4000 starting Watts and 3500 maximum operating Watts. With the maximum running power of 3500 Watts, this model is designed to supply sufficient electrical power for tools, lighting and home appliances. With the pre-wired electric connections it is used for RVs also.

The 46534 model uses a gas engine, 196cc OHV CPE type and with the fuel tank capacity of 3.8 gallons it can run for 12 hours at 50% load.

Power panel is found on a side of the generator, and is consisted of the ignition switch so you can easily turn the generator ON or OFF, Voltmeter which displays the generator output voltage, receptacles for 2400 and 3500 Watts of power and 120 VAC, RV receptacle, circuit breakers for protection against the electrical overload and ground terminal.

Champion portable generator 46534 cannot be used for volt-sensitive electronic devices, i.e. computers, that operate within a narrow voltage range. For such applications, it can be used only with devices such as UPS, which protects the electronics from voltage fluctuation and spikes.

This generator weighs 117.9 pounds, which might be heavy for you to carry, but with the installed handle and two wheels it makes the generator mobile and truly portable. Based on many reviews, Champion portable generator is very easy to assemble, and is as noisy as lawn mower (noise level is 68dBA from 23 ft.).

The price of the 46534 model is $380 and it comes with one year warranty.

Best features

Champion portable generator is the open frame, synchronous style generator, constructed of the commercial grade elements and high quality materials, for long life and consistent performance.

The superior quality is especially important on the parts such as the cast aluminum block and cast iron cylinder liners and forged crankshaft that is supported by ball bearings.

OHV or overhead valves provide an efficient gas combustion which results in better fuel economy and low emission. Electronic ignition and automatic decompression allows easy and convenient startup.

One of the safety features includes the low oil sensor to prevent the engine damage if oil is below the minimum.

It is designed to produce clean electricity where the THD is less than 5%. THD or total harmonic distortion is an important feature when powering appliances and electronics that are sensitive on voltage fluctuation.

Auto-idle feature that helps in low fuel consumption is not available.


Champion portable generator is handy tool that saves a lot of time and hassle during the power problems, either at home to watch TV, keep the food unspoiled, or at the construction site working where electricity and outlets are not available. The manufacturer has many positive reviews for the product quality, customer service and overall experience. It meets CSA, EPA and CARB standards and they build their product to the strict specification. This might be the reason they never had a recall.

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