Champion Inverter Generators Review

A lot can be found and said in a name, and Champion is the champion of inverter generators. The Champion inverter generators offer much more in the way of power equipment having a selection of six different models. Here, we shall review three of them.

  • 2000W inverter generator with USB (Carb)
  • 2800W inverter generator (Carb), and which may be a misnomer as the generators are named according to their maximum watts, and this Champion inverter generators has a maximum wattage of 3100.
  • 3100W inverter generator with wireless remote start (Carb)

Models and Features


Champion 2000w InverterChampion 2000w Inverter

In terms of products, all three come with an oil funnel, spark plug socket, and 12V DC charging cables.

In terms of features--and in order to accommodate the 12V DC charging cables, each of these Champion inverter generators have a 12V DC outlet. Similarly, in order to accommodate its oil usage, they have a low oil shut off sensor. In this way, the generators are made safe so that they do not dry up, burn up or burn out.

In terms of electricity, they all have a 120V AC load. In terms of run time, they do not have an exact same length of running, but they are surprisingly similar. The 2000W inverter can run up to 9.5 hours at a capacity of 25%. The other two run slightly less, at 8 hours, with a similar load of 25%. They also have an easy pull recoil start.

In a similar vein, they are all similarly surprisingly quiet. The 2000W emits 53 decibels at 23 feet while the other two are only slightly louder at 58 decibels at 23 feet. The website also says that they all have a USDA approved spark arrestor. However, what the Department of Agriculture has to do with this, we do not have the faintest idea.

All these Champion inverter generators have built in carrying handles. The two more powerful inverter generators do not state their weights, but the 2000w is described as being only 49 pounds. The implication is that this is a significant difference in weight, and that the other two could be carried by two people.


Champion 2800w InverterChampion 2800w Inverter

The obvious difference is found in the names of these Champion inverter generators, which describe the outputs. The 2000W has a maximum output of 2000 watts with a running output of 1700 watts. It is ideal for powering a small appliance or a couple of household items. The 2,800W has a maximum output of 3,100W and a running output of 2,800 watts. This is ideal for powering medium-sized appliances. The 3100W has a similar output and running output. It is also ideal for powering medium-sized appliances.

In terms of unique features, the 2000W has a stackable design. The other two are shaped in such a way that makes them appear to be stackable; however, we have not tested this feature on them. The first one though, is clearly stackable. The 2800W does not appear to have any unique attractions, but simply incorporates the best from both. The 3100W has a wireless remote. We are uncertain about the need and desirability of this.

The manufacturer website does not disclose the costs for these, but a search at Amazon for Champion inverter generators shows that the 2000W can be purchased for $549; the 2800W for virtually $800; and the 3100W for virtually $1,270.

Champion 3100w InverterChampion 3100w Inverter


So which of these Champion inverter generators should you buy? They have more similarities than dissimilarities, so the choice is made easier. In this, the 2000w appears to be too small (especially in terms of powering things); the 3100w appears to be too big (especially in terms of cost), while the 2800 appears to be just right, both in terms of functionality and pricing.

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