Best Cast Iron Charcoal Grill Review

How to buy the best cast iron charcoal grill, such as hibachi style, for tailgate parties, camping, RVing, picnic and other outdoor activities? See the features, advantages, disadvantages and recommended cast iron grill reviews.

A good portable cast iron BBQ is hard to find, especially in the "brick n' mortar" stores. They are available online also, but only few are with the quality features and recommended from experts and consumers. Two top selling models are chosen, one in the upper and the other in the lower price range.

Tips when buying a cast iron charcoal grill

The most popular style among portable charcoal grills is the hibachi style. Cast iron hibachi grill offers simple design, great portability and extra performance for the outdoor fun and when camping, hiking or on the picnic.

Charcoal hibachi grill originates from China and Japan, and it kept its originate design until today. Hibachi grill has the unique shape for better efficiency with the cast iron grate on the top and charcoal placed at the bottom. The best models have all of the body, including burner and the griddle made of cast iron while handles are usually wooden.

Lit charcoal in hibachi grill can last for hours allowing you to cook large quantities of steaks, chicken, burgers and other food. The heat intensity is controlled by changing the height of the griddle which is sitting on the adjustable racks. Steaks are, in the hibachi-style cast iron charcoal grill, positioned much lower than in other types of bbq and this is what gives the ultimate taste to your steaks.

The cast iron charcoal grill can be ceramic coated, which eliminates rusting and corrosion, and makes cleaning easier and increases durability. This protective ceramic layer is also beneficial to your health as the iron from the grate can contaminate the food when grilling food with the high level of acidity for longer time and with the higher temperature.

One of the greatest advantages when using the cast iron grills is they last for a long time. Grills made of cast iron distribute the heat better and cooks the food evenly across the whole grilling surface. The number of flare ups, sticking of food and burnt burgers, chicken or steaks is reduced.

Note: Recommendation is to buy a cast iron charcoal grill, which has a removable bottom tray for easy cleanup.

Disadvantage is that it takes time to prepare and cool off the grill. Also, it is inconvenient to clean and get rid of the used charcoal. Hibachi grills, made of thick cast iron, are less portable, since they are heavy, but they are strong. The price is higher then those grills with the metal or aluminum material.

Top selling models

Lodge Logic L410 Sportsman's

Lodge Logic L410 Sportsman'sLodge Logic L410 Sportsman's

Lodge Logic L410 Sportsman's is the cast iron charcoal grill, perfect example of a good quality hibachi style portable grill.

It is constructed solid, made of the long lasting cast iron with no nuts and bolts in its construction. Cooking grate has a decent size, approximately 150 sq. in. and it provides enough food for a few people easy.

The grill is sturdy and heavy, it weighs 32 pounds, making it less portable than those light ones. It has legs that pivot to lock in place. Adjustable grilling grate and draft door allow you to adjust the cooking speed and control the heat better for your perfectly cooked steaks.

Pros and Cons

Lodge Logic cast iron charcoal grill is rated high, 4.5 out of max. 5, based on over 120 online review. Users are complaining how heavy this grill is, but on the positive side such a thick cast iron is what makes it durable and very strong. The great thing is that the handle on the grate allows carrying just prepared hot grill. Heavy cast iron body and the grate retain the heat longer, which is ideal for searing steaks.

Many users are recommending a layer of insulation under the grill legs as it might become very hot and ruin your floor or lawn. The main disadvantage is that there are no holes at the bottom of the grill for cleaning the collected ash. It requires more effort when cleaning as you have to turn it over and empty the ash out.

Lodge Logic L410 grill is pricey, it sells for $107, but the warranty is amazing, it is a life-time.

Marsh Allen grill

Marsh Allen grillMarsh Allen grill

Marsh Allen grill is another hibachi cast iron grill that is based on over 300 user reviews also rated high, 4.0 out of 5. This charcoal grill is a very affordable grill, it costs only $25.

With 18 pounds, this unit is easy to move from a place to a place, in and out of your car. It offers 157 sq. in. of cooking space and its grill grate can be adjusted using one of the three levels. The adjustable cooking grid and the bottom air vents are used to control the burn rate of the charcoal and, therefore, how fast you want your steak cooked.

Pros and Cons

Users mainly complain about the quality of the cast iron this grill is made of. They say that cast iron is too brittle; support bracket easily snaps off and the grill grate also brakes when exposed to the heat. Black paint comes off grates according to several reviews. Users were also complaining about the smell when they used the grill for the first time.

Positive is that the unit is sturdy and portable. It cooks the food fast, evenly and adds flavor of charcoal to your steak. For such a small grill you will find a decent size of the cooking surface. The price is excellent... very affordable charcoal grill for most users. It is great for socializing when tailgating or on the picnic.


Small cast iron charcoal grill is recommended for those who prefer portability and quality over the fancy look, and who are looking for great experience while making tasty steaks. Cast iron BBQ will last for many years as long as you are maintaining it. Hibachi style charcoal grill brings the great taste on your plate, where the food is cooked evenly and not easily subject to burns, as when using grills made of other materials.

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