Best Car Jump Starter with Inverter Review

Does your jump starter do more than one job? We are talking about having a car jump starter with inverter functionalities to your advantage. There are so many models of the car jump starters with inverter; Allstart, Stanley, Wagan, Duracell and other, selling from $60-$70 for budget-oriented consumers to over $200 which are high end models with great characteristics, durable with reliable starting power.

Top 3 Jump Starters

Allstart 555 Camo Jump Starter with AC Inverter

Allstart 555 Camo Jump StarterAllstart 555

Everyone is looking for convenience and portability when it comes to a car jump starter with inverter. The Allstart 555 Camo is one of the latest models that utilize the AC inverter, delivering excellent characteristics in this aspect and it is rated highly for its 1700 amp quality; at its peak.

On single charge, this high end jump starter can bring about 35 cars to life with the powerful 300 cold crank amps produced from it. And thanks to the inverter capabilities, it can produce power of 300 watts to charge small electronics such as cell phones, laptops and other.

This jump start model can be charged just about anywhere with the provided 48 inch long 4 gauge adapter cables (with 550 amp copper clamps fully insulated). Another feature you will appreciate is the Camo look on the entire pack which gives it a military flare.


  • Durable and resistant construction that can be used even in harsh environment conditions
  • Made tough with quality features, it is ideal for outdoor use and owners who need reliable unit
  • DC port for charging
  • Copper adapter cables fully insulated to protect them
  • Has a built in AC inverter


  • Long cable you have to carry everywhere
  • May run out fast during heavy duty charging

Duracell DRPP600 Power pack

Duracell DRPP600 Power packDuracell

This model is your ultimate solution when you want an emergency power source, flash light and jump start gadget. The Duracell DRPP600 Power pack is the small, handheld device that offers reliable power you can count on almost anywhere.

When charged to capacity, it will bring your car back to life despite where it breaks down. The portable package also comes in with a built in microamp USB port which can charge your iPhone, iPods, digital camera, tablets or cell phone. On another side of the gadget there is a built in flashlight that maintains visibility during blackouts with jumper cables to charge the gadgets even from your car. For power outlets, the Duracell DRPP600 pack comes with 3 AC outlets and a single DC outlet.


  • Enough power to jump start your car and charge several cell phones and smart Tablets
  • The Powerpack can be recharged from your home outlet or car
  • Enough AC outlets and a DC outlet for your convenience
  • A ready emergency flashlight when you face blackouts
  • A good source of energy during small camps and picnics
  • Plug and play features
  • The power inverter can produce 600 watts of power
  • Safety features that protect the unit from overload and extreme temperature conditions
  • Runs for 3.5 hrs on a full charge


  • Only works for short-term power outages
  • Doesn't have a large power holding capacity

Wagan 400 Watt Power Dome

Wagan 400 Watt Power DomeWagan

Wagan 400 Watt Power Dome is the device that functions as a jump starter and air compressor with the provided LED light in a case of emergency or power outages.

Compact in size, it packs about 600 crank amps (900 peak cranking amps) which will you get your car started in seconds. As an air compressor, it has a pressure value of 275 psi which is more than enough to get your flat tires up and running in no time. The Wagan 400 watt jump starter with inverter is small enough to fit in your trunk and take it with you wherever you go, or run home appliances. If you are out of energy you can always charge the device using either the DC or AC built-in adapters.


  • It is compact in nature and fits in your car without occupying too much of the space
  • Great portability that is easy to carry
  • Can convert between AC-DC current and vice versa
  • Crank amp value of 400 watts enough to fix your car battery issues
  • Enough pressure to fix flat tire problems
  • Heavy duty cable and booster clamps
  • 18-amp-hour battery that provides 15 hours light run time.


  • The jumper cables may not be strong enough to carry the energy load
  • May not hold power long enough
  • Several clients complain that their Wagan 400 watt failed to start


Every Car Jump Starter with inverter comes with its list of pros and cons, good and less useful features. Recommended car jump starters for most users are those that are not cheap but are not pricey as well. These devices must deliver reliable and portable power when need it especially in a case of the emergency, even in extreme weather conditions. Battery starters are must for any car, boat or home and in situations like power outages, outdoor activities (camping) and remote jobsites, and if you need extra power for the tools, gadgets, appliances, home lights and such.

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