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PIXMA IP100 Review

Find a review of the best Canon portable printer, designed for laptop computers (notebooks) and PC desktops. Canon PIXMA IP100 printer is the most popular portable computer printer.

Canon portable photo printer, PIXMA IP100 model is the great option for professionals who are mobile, travel a lot and require all the necessary tools to conduct their business.

Canon is the most recognized name in the industry of portable printing and PIXMA IP100 is the best selling, according to some online stores, such as Amazon.

Canon Portable Printer - PIXMA IP100 Features

canon portable printerCanon PIXMA IP100

Canon portable printer PIXMA IP100 is the Energy Star, high resolution printer that provides up to 9600 x 2400 dpi for color and 600 x 600 dpi for black printing. Great resolution allows perfect details and clarity of your photos and business documents. Canon IP100 has the highest resolution among mobile and portable printers.

Such an excellent job on quality prints is done thanks to the Canon patented print heat technology and 5-color ink system. Fine printing technology uses over 1800 precisions nozzles that are able to eject very small ink droplets (1 picoliter to be accurate) for this amazing photo quality.

Even with the beautifully done photos, you can use an additional help for the unwanted lights and colors. Auto Image Fix is the neat feature that corrects images for the best exposure, color, contrast and brightness.

PIXMA IP100 Canon portable printer is the fast ink jet printer; it gives 20 pages per minute for black prints and approximately 14 ppm for color pages, with the laser quality.

Bluetooth interface allows you to print wirelessly from your laptop, PC desktop, PDA or digital camera. Canon also offers PictBridge interface and built-in IrDA for printing directly from cameras and phones. It is compatible with the Windows and Mac and as said it can be connected wirelessly or via a USB interface.

PIXMA IP100 is advertised as the portable photo printer and can produce 4"x6" borderless, high quality color photos in about 50 seconds.

Very useful accessories that are available for Canon PIXMA IP100 are car adapter and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery kit so your small portable computer printer has the power available whenever mobile.

Portability and mobility come from the printer's small size, which is 12.7" x 2.4" x 7.2" and weight of 4.4 lbs, making this printer the first choice for busy professionals who perform business when traveling.

Canon Portable Printer - PIXMA IP100 consumer reviews

Now let's look at the customer and professional reviews, found online on, CNET...


  • 4 in 1 and 2 in 1 printing allows you to place multiple pages on 1 page, which saves up to 75% of your paper supply.

  • Ink Saver Mode allows you to use less ink when printing, but be careful if you need high quality prints, as this feature may affect the quality.

  • Printer is Energy Star and is 25% more efficient than conventional models.

  • High resolution for great quality printing.

  • IP100 has smaller profile than its main competitor, the HP OfficeJet H470.

  • Fast printing.

  • Paper tray holds more paper sheets than the previous model.


  • No Wi-Fi option.

  • It lacks the built-in card reader.

  • Paper jams often when the roller grabs several sheets at once.

  • Flimsy elements.

  • Hard to find ink cartridges... only online.

  • It is easily transportable but no carrying case option.

  • Expensive when compare to standard printers.

  • Expensive ink cartridge.

Price is approximately $180 found on and Canon manufacturer provides one year warranty.

For the drivers and service manual contact Canon.


Canon portable printer, PIXMA IP100 delivers superior print quality better than many other manufacturers in the same class. High resolution allows photo prints laser quality while keeping the printing speed high. Save ink feature allows you economy cartridge usage and according to many online reviews it is worth the money.

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