Briggs and Stratton Portable Generators Review

Briggs and Stratton portable generators review. Explore the best selling portable generators from Briggs and Stratton with the top features and user comments.

Generally speaking, our modern lives are hard to live without electricity. Wherever you are planning to go RV-ing, camping or fishing, you will probably need a good portable generator, and Briggs and Stratton portable generators seem to be a very good choice. Not all of them are small and compact, but they are all definitely worth the money invested and will offer you a great deal of the electrical independence. This review will talk about two very popular models of Briggs and Stratton generators, with their respective pros and cons, and their customer reviews.

Briggs and Stratton 030473 Inverter Generator

The Briggs & Stratton 030473 has a number of great features, all of which have proven to be very useful to the customers. This includes, for instance, the inverter technology, which adjusts the engine speeds to users’ needs at any given moment.

Also, the Briggs & Stratton 030473 is lightweight at 50 pounds, and has a two-handle design, which makes it easy to move around. With the 120-Volt 20-Amp AC outlets, and one 12-Volt DC outlet it can be used conveniently at home and where the electrical grid is not available. Briggs and Stratton Inverter is using an OHV engine to provide 2000 starting Watts and 1600 running Watts; and with a one-gallon fuel tank it can run pretty long.

Briggs & Stratton 030473Briggs & Stratton 030473

Pros and Cons

The vast majority of customer reviews related to this product are very positive, however there are a few complaints mentioned here and there. This unit is small and compact, which makes it practical for camping, boating and so on. Also, it is very economical, as users report that it sips gas, and that it is also quiet enough if it is not overloaded. However, some users reported problems with the recoil system, and the fact that it doesn't come with a built-in fuel gauge or a haul meter might be a problem to many inexperienced users.

Briggs & Stratton 30471 - 8000 Watt

Briggs & Stratton 30471Briggs & Stratton 30471

With the capacity of 8000 Watts and a handy electric starter, the Briggs and Stratton 30471 is definitely one of the best portable generators to buy, provided that you need a very powerful portable electric powerhouse. The unit features four 120-Volt outlets, and one 120/240-Volt outlet, 10,000 starting Watts and 8000 running Watts, a seven-gallon metal fuel tank. The large and strong 12-inch wheels are designed for any type of terrain.

Pros and Cons

Even though the Briggs & Stratton 30471 is a large and heavy unit, customers are pleased with the fact that it is easily moved around, mostly thanks to its large and rugged wheels. Also, the fact that it is reliable, cost-efficient and simple to use helped to makes this generator become very popular. One of the most common complaints, however, is related to the generators loudness, with customers reporting that the unit is louder than they had expected. Also, the lack of a built-in Amp meter is also a drawback to consider.


The review of the Briggs and Stratton portable generators can be used either be people who need a small and compact portable generator, or a much more powerful one to supply their whole house with electricity, for instance. Either way, you will not make a mistake if you go with one of these tools.

While this model is designed to be carried around often, both of the models are mobile enough so as to provide you with practicality and enough power at the same time. All in all, by using these Briggs and Stratton portable generators, you will be able to relax and stop worrying about power cuts, hurricanes and other similar reasons for power outages.

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