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Why buying Bosch 4100 portable table saw is a good idea? Find Bosch table saw, series 4100 features, video, pros and cons collected from consumer and professional reviews.

Features Review

Bosch 4100Bosch 4100

Bosch portable table saw 4100 series is a high performing and durable table saw, categorized as the benchtop tool with the portable construction.

An innovative design includes several Bosch-exclusive features that are keeping Bosch table saws highly competitive and at the top of the category.

TheSmart Guard System is a user-friendly system that includes a blade guard, riving knife and anti-kickback pawls. All three elements are modular and tool free that allows the operator a quick and easy removal and also an option to add each component independently. The blade guard with a new split-guarding innovation offers great visibility and maximum user protection.

The riving knife prevents material from pinching the saw blade and with the three convenient positions provides better control over the material while cutting.

Other useful features found in 4100 table saw series include the anti-kickback pawls, single-point bevel movement for consistent accuracy, exclusive arbor lock for single wrench blade change, T-slot miter system and enhanced dust collection.

The award-winning Gravity-Rise Table Saw Stand incorporates a release lever to raise or lower the saw for easy transport and work position setup. Such a stand construction with the 8-inch threaded pneumatic wheels and the carrying handles allows 4100 series ideal portability, quick and easy transport.

Tabletop is made of machined aluminum for a long life and its size of 29" by 21-1/2" gives 4100 series another advantage easily to handle sheet goods and larger stocks with up to 25-inch rip capacity.

15-amp motor generates a maximum 4 HP and has electronic torque control to regulate the output, Soft Start and Constant Response Circuitry for constant speed, quiet and smoother start-up.

SquareLock Rip Fence that provides a consistent and high accuracy cutting is found on 4100-09 and basic 4100 model while Bosch 4100DG-09 includes a digital carriage unit.

Bosch 4100 series - available models

There are three models from Bosch 4100 series available:

  • Bosch portable table saw 4100DG-09
  • Bosch table saw 4100-09
  • Bosch table 4100-09

Bosch portable saw 4100DG-09

The saw 4100DG-09 is the most sophisticated model from 4100 series. This is a 10" table saw that features a Digital Rip Fence and Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand. Digital Rip Fence includes a special high-visibility LCD gauge and display. Display is made of durable die cast aluminum to withstand a hard working and weather conditions. All this allows maximum accuracy with the precision of 1/32-inch and quicker setup, which are very useful for carpenters, cabinetmakers and professionals who require high quality work.

Bosch table saw 4100-09 is the lower level portable table saw from 4100 series that doesn't include a Digital Rip Fence but it comes with the Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand.

The model 4100 is the basic model that is used as the table top saw only and it doesn't include a Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand as other two models.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros and cons listed here are mainly from consumers' reviews found on the websites such as,, and other. These pros and cons cover model Bosch 4100-09 table saw:


  • Portable, versatile and easy transport.
  • Easy setup and take down with the gravity rise stand.
  • The rip fence is accurate and sturdy.
  • Collapsible design makes this unit great for storage.
  • Great table for portable and fixed use.
  • Easy to move all parts around and make blade adjustment.
  • Great number of accessories which are making Bosch 4100-09 very safe, efficient and reliable.
  • Everything moves smoothly and even with the hard working condition this saw keeps the alignment pretty well and cuts the material precisely.
  • Even being portable, there is enough power for Bosch 4100-09 to cut tougher materials.


  • Taller table height when comparing to the competition.
  • Several negative reviews that the included blade is of mediocre quality.
  • Clumsy blade bevel adjustment.
  • Short warranty, only one year.
  • Several complaints about the saw that dulled out pretty quickly.
  • Dust collection system doesn't perform as expected. A great amount of dust goes to the floor under and behind the saw, even when hooked to a shop vac.
  • This is one of the most expensive portable table saws.
  • Several complaints that the fence doesn't stay parallel to the miter slots and blade over time.

You can buy Bosch 4100-09 portable table saw online for approximately $640, basic model 4100 for around $540 and their best model Bosch 4100DG-09 for approx. $730, and they all come with a limited one year warranty.

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