Black and Decker Grass Trimmers Review

This is a brand you can trust. Black and Decker grass trimmers - powered by battery and therefore usually called cordless, are among the company’s top popular power tools. The offer is not big, but it is diverse enough to cover all categories of homeowners. Furthermore, cordless model is well established on the market, and there are two brand new tools we are going to mention at the end of the review.

Commonly, we have selected three different Black and Decker grass trimmers with good value / price ratio, for users with different needs.

With Black and Decker cordless tools usually goes brief explanation about MAX* battery system – Lithium-ion MAX* batteries are long lasting, advanced-featured and interchangeable between newer lines of Black and Decker power tools.

Let’s start by looking at models that have been positioned as the top selling.

Popular Black and Decker grass trimmers

Black and Decker LST201

Black and Decker LST201Black and Decker LST201

Black and Decker LST201 is the the most lightweight and smallest grass and cordless trimmer that comes with the great flexibility, 10-inch cutting diameter and 20-volt MAX* Lithium-ion 1.5 Ah battery.

Recommended diameter of the string is 0.065” and Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) provides line feed without bumping. The tool weighs only 4.5 lbs making it easy to carry. Adjustable height and handle, plus wheeled edger, are additional pros of the trimmer designed for small lawns.

Black and Decker LST420

Black and Decker LST420 grass and cordless trimmerBlack and Decker LST420

Probably the most popular Black and Decker cordless trimmer is LST420 model that also utilize 20 V lithium battery, has 12-inch cutting diameter and weighs only 5.7 lbs. The model is equipped with the same mechanism (AFS) and string diameter (0.065”) as the previous trimmer, but with additional improvements. Cutting power is boosted by POWER DRIVE high-torque transmission solution. Grass trimmer LST420 comes with two 2.0 Amp batteries, which provides up to one hour of running in dual mode, without charging. The LST420 may work well on more demanding jobs, both as a trimmer and wheeled edger.

The price is close to $75 for a trimmer with two batteries, charger, AF spool, guard, and auxiliary handle. Users have rated this cordless grass trimmer as a good deal. More than one thousand recommendations came from satisfied customers on Amazon, the online shop that marked Black and Decker LST420 as “#1 Best Seller”.

Black and Decker LST136

Black & Decker LST136Black and Decker LST136

One step further in performance is 40-volt grass trimmer, which features POWERDRIVE transmission, and, in this case, POWERCOMMAND - the variable speed. The feature POWERCOMMAND allows you a choice between the maximum power and more runtime, during the work.

With 13-inch cutting diameter, Black and Decker LST136 cordless trimmer is bigger than previous models. The AFS system is responsible for smooth feeding of 0.065-inch line. Battery level indicator and fast charger with maximum 2 hours of charging time are additional features. High Performance String Trimmer costs $140 (kit includes battery, charger, AF spool, guard and auxiliary handle). The tool is intended for bigger lawn maintenance, including cutting the high grass and hick weeds. The weight of the trimmer is 7.8 lbs. Unlike the previous two models that are covered with two year warranty, LST136 has 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 3-year full warranty.

As we have mentioned before, at the time when this review was written (March 2017), two new Black and Decker cordless grass trimmers were introduced in the market: 40V MAX* Lithium String Trimmer (model no. LST140C) and 60V MAX* EASYFEED Cordless String Trimmer (model no. LST560C).

The first one, powered by 40V Max battery is 13-inch diameter tool (using 0.065” line) with POWER DRIVE solution. The price is close to $100 and trimmer has good potential to become one of the most wanted Black and Decker’s garden tools.

The other new trimmer is the first Black and Decker’s cordless string trimmer powered by 60-volt battery, and the first one with dual 0.080” line. Cutting diameter is 13”. The price of the B&D LST560C model is approximately $170. If you need a modern high power trimmer, follow customer reviews.

Three models we have chosen to review are the best rated by thousands of users. The main con they used to remark is battery life, and the main pros – quietness, power, handy design, easy switch between trimmer and edger.

To summarize: Black and Decker grass trimmers are subject to continuous improvements. New models of grass trimmers, together with well-known home garden power tools, may be considered for buying.

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