Best Bissell Steam Cleaners Review

The best Bissell steam cleaners expert and user reviews with pictures and videos. Find the top selling Bissell steam floor cleaner with features, pros and cons.

A wide selection of Bissell steam cleaners is available for you to buy - from carpet deep cleaners, vacuum cleaners, portable handheld vacuums to steam cleaners, mops and sweepers.

Steam and Sweep, for example, is the most advanced model in a group of steam cleaners. This model combines the power of vacuum to pick up dirt and dust and clean and sanitize with the high temperature steam.

Cheaper mop models do not include the vacuum feature - they sanitize the floor without using any chemicals. These Bissell mop cleaners are in a price range from $80 to $100.

Best Selling Bissell Models with Features

Bissell Steam Shot Hard Surface

Bissell Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner, 39N7ABissell Steam Cleaner

Steam Shot Hard Surface cleaner is the smallest Bissell cleaner, easy to carry, great for hard-to-reach places and areas such as the stove-tops, sinks, fridge, pet cages... as it comes with the accessories like fabric steamer, window squeegee, extension hose, scraping tool - it is truly multi-functional.

This is an Eco-friendly cleaning tool, made by Bissell, that is using chemical free, high pressure and high temperature steam with a single easy-to-press button. With the tank capacity of 150 ml you can use it for 20 minutes before it needs refilling. And it is cheap... it costs approximately $40.

It is rated 3.5 out of 5, based on over 30 online reviews.

Pros and Cons

Users like the most its size, lightweight 5-pound design and ability to reach tight spots. One of the users described it as a "great little helper". It produces enough steam for one bathroom, and it cleans it quickly and efficiently. It works pretty well on dirt, dry food, clean grills, coolers, remove wrinkles or refresh clothing, but not for stains. It is effective for smaller areas but not large as it doesn't carry enough water. Some complaints are found that the produced steam is not hot enough to remove soap scum.

Bissell Steam Mop

Bissell Steam MopBissell Steam Mop

Bissell Steam Mop is the upright electric mop that is designed to clean the hard floor surfaces mainly. It doesn't' use any chemicals, but the plain tap water, to create high temperature steam. You don't have to buy a distilled water if your water is hard; this unit is equipped with the water filter. Steam is available just in 30 seconds, and it is dispensed on the floor by pressing the trigger, when needed and without water puddles.

360-degree swivel mop head gives the convenience in cleaning as hard-to-reach places are now accessible.

Mop pads are included, they are washable and reusable. With the 9" cleaning pad you can mop your hard floor fast and efficiently and with the water tank size of 17.5 oz you will have enough water for 15 min. of continuous steam cleaning.

This Bissell floor cleaner is rated 4 out of 5, based on over 760 online reviews. This is one of the most popular Bissell steam cleaners, and it is not expensive... it costs $70.

Pros and Cons

Bissell steam mop is recommended for regular use, for all sealed hard floors, including bamboo and wooden flooring as the water dries very quickly. It gets under cabinets and low furniture easily. The mop is easy to store, and is quiet when in use. It is great on grime and gunk, it efficiently penetrates the dirt and loosens it for easy clean-up; but it is hard to clean corners.

Users complain that the cord is too short (18'), and it does not have an automatic cord rewind. Other complains are that it is hard to move with the damp mop. When comparing to the main competitor Shark, Bissell steam mop is solid built, is tougher but heavier than the Shark.


All Bissell steam cleaners are Eco-friendly, all natural cleaners, as they utilize chemical free hot steam to provide fast and the powerful cleaning solution. Bissell cleaners are perfect for hard floors not only to clean but to sanitize. Based on the available features and cleaning area (whole house floors, sinks, counter tops etc.). Bissell steam cleaners are selling from $40 for handheld models to $120 with dual operation.

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