Bissell Little Green Machine
ProHeat Turbo 1425B

What is a Bissell Little Green Machine? Also known as the Bissell ProHeat Turbo 1425B, this is a small, compact and portable carpet cleaner that utilize hot water for multi-purpose cleaning. See its features, advantages, pros and cons. 

This home device is the powerful deep cleaner that is equipped with a built-in heater and rotating TurboBrush for effective and fast cleaning, variety of surfaces; carpets, rugs, cars, upholstery and much more. Let's check out its features and benefits.


Bissell Little GreenBissell Little Green Machine

Bissell Little Green Machine is the environment friendly carpet cleaning machine that is used mainly for deep cleaning of smaller areas and floor spills that works especially good on pet stains.

This is a portable, but powerful machine that uses a strong heated spray to clean, and suction to remove stains and spills. It is small and compact, so it can be stored and carry easily. Flex hose clip, TurboBrush clip and power cord clip are installed to attach its elements to the main body. It is equipped with the durable and strong turbo-brush, which can be used on almost any type of the carpet and even for tough stains.

How it works - Video

In the separate compartment, there is a clean water/soap solution... 8-ounce solution is provided with your purchase, and the separate tank collects dirty water. Specialty tools such as the multi-purpose crevice and 3" stain tools will give versatility for your cleaning.

Bissell Little Green Machine is a powerful mini steam-vac cleaner that can work pretty well on the most stubborn dirt. The cleaning effectiveness increases if you pre-treat heavily stained areas. Once you have sprayed the soiled area with the cleaning solution, the recommendation is to wait for up to 5 minutes before cleaning. Switch to the "Brush" position to use the TurboBrush and scrub the area. After that simply move the switch to "Suction" to remove the dirt and cleaning solution.

To raise the water temperature, use the built-in heater switch and when the temperature reaches the correct temperature heat indicator light will illuminate. The built-in heater will heat the tap water to 25 degrees.

It is good to know that this Bissell deep cleaner doesn't use cleaning products that are full of dyes or phosphates, but an eco friendly solution.

The power cord has a decent length of 15 ft and together with the flexible vacuum hose with spray trigger provides convenience when deep cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Based on over 230 reviews, Bissell Little Green Machine was rated 3.8 out of 5. Use pros and cons below to see some of the reviews found online. You can buy Bissell Little Green Machine, Pro Heat 1425B model for approximately $99 and comes with one-year warranty.


  • Attractive design.
  • The machine is the best for small areas and spot cleaning.
  • It has the water level indicator so you can always check the water levels in the tanks.
  • Affordable price, good quality for the money.
  • Portable, and with the carry handles and 11 pounds only, it is easy to move around.
  • Cleaning solution is provided with the machine so you can use it right from the box.
  • The cleaning solution works very well, but you have to be careful when handling.
  • Long power cord, compact and ergonomic design makes cleaning easy, especially area that is hard to reach.
  • The suction power is good.
  • Recommended for deep cleaning on carpets.
  • Bissell's eco friendly design with recycled materials and packaging.


Many complaints that Bissell Little Green Machine has a design flaw - when using any type of soap it clogs up the sprayer so little green machine needs frequent repairs. Dirt builds up quickly in the pipes.

  • Several complaints that machine didn't work after being stored for some time.
  • The heater is not strong enough as the water for cleaning doesn't get warmer than room temperature.
  • It needs lots of work to maintain its functionality; cleaning the dirt, lots of rinsing.
  • It leaks sometimes.
  • Not recommended for larger areas.
  • Rotating TurboBrush is useless as it is powered by the vacuum and greatly reduces the suction power. Non-powered brush does the better job.

Rotating TurboBrush is useless as it is powered by the vacuum and greatly reduces the suction power. Non-powered brush does the better job.

Note: According to many online reviews and due to the frequent repairs caused by the clogged parts, the recommendation is to flush the machine with the hot water after each use and store it with the empty tanks. Some users are suggesting to use the tap water and avoid heater... it will prevent the cleaner from clogging.


The Bissell Little Green Machine is a perfect solution for cleaning stains on any carpet type and is the great substitution for chemical cleaners. This is an Eco friendly portable machine, made of PVC-free material that is also using an eco friendly packaging. It uses the green cleaning solution for tough stains and the maintenance is very simply; just rinse out the dirty water, and you are done. However it needs a detailed maintenance.

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