Bissell Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Review

Portable vacuum cleaners are a must in today’s homes because of their ease of operation and the quick cleaning they provide due to them being handheld cordless vacuums. It is our conclusion that the Bissell cordless vacuum cleaners have all the features that you need, along with the performance that provide wonderful service and benefits to you, and are the premier handheld vacuums for you to buy.

The features and benefits

Bissell, the company, has been in existence for about 140 years, for almost as long as electricity has been harnessed! As such, they have a wide range of portable vacuum cleaners. Here, we shall confine ourselves to just three of them:

  1. The Bissell Bolt ION XRT handheld cordless vacuums
  2. The Hard Floor Expert Cyclonic Cordless Stick Vac
  3. The Bissell cordless vacuum 1132A Symphony

As to be expected from Bissell, they are all compact, lightweight and maneuverable portable vacuum cleaners. They are flexible and can reach into difficult corners as well as low-lying furniture, such as couches. They are all quite powerful as well, although the purpose of their power is for different purposes (see the following paragraphs).

Bissell Bolt ION XRTBissell Bolt ION XRT

Most of the similarities for these handheld cordless vacuums end there. Yet, each of these has their own unique strengths. The Bissell Bolt ION XRT is quite powerful in more ways than one. The rechargeable battery allows you to use the Bissell cordless vacuum continuously for 40 minutes without the need for a recharge.

The lithium ion battery can be fully recharged in four or fewer hours, and gives a backup time of up to 40 minutes, whereas the Hard Floor Expert Cordless Stick provides only up to 21 minutes. The vacuum filter of the ION XRT is rinsable so the life of the filter can be significantly lengthened. Finally, the brush roll comes on or off so that it is adept on both carpets and hardwood, tiled or marbled floors. The price for this model is generally $230 to $250.

Bissel Hard Floor ExpertBissel Hard Floor Expert

The Hard Floor Expert Cyclonic Cordless handheld vacuums, true to their name, specialize in cleaning hard floors which is also what the Bissell 1132A Symphony does best, although it can be used on low-pile carpet. You do not have to worry about your hardwood, marbled or tiled floor when using this model because it has non-marking rubber wheels along with felt treads. The dirt receptacle is not necessarily rinsable but it does open from the bottom so everything can be disposed of without creating a mess. Although some places may charge more, you can generally buy these portable vacuum cleaners for $120 to $130. 

Bissell 1132A SymphonyBissell 1132A Symphony

Like the Hard Floor Expert, the Bissell cordless vacuum 1132A Symphony’s forte is on hard floors. However unlike the Hard Floor Expert, the Symphony not only removes dust, dirt and debris from floors but also sanitizes them with steam technology. This steam kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria from your floors.

These portable vacuum cleaners incorporate four mop pads to make this a breeze. It virtually maintains itself with its dry tank technology that allows the tank to remain dry as you steam-clean, and it comes with a 2-years warranty. The price for this is generally $180 after discounts.


Although we always appreciate price in handheld vacuums, which would lead us to favor The Hard Floor Expert; and although we admire versatility in handheld cordless vacuums, which would lead us to favor The Bissell Bolt Ion XRT; we feel that the special features of the Bissell cordless vacuum 1132A Symphony are too hard to pass up. We find it impossible to say “no” to this range of portable vacuum cleaners that are a perfect blend of compact, lightweight, maneuverable, and incorporate most features of its competitors, and does so while eliminating virtually all household germs. It is a gift for you, your family and your home.

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